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Command information
GP Cost 45
Learnt At 15 covert.manipulation.stealing
Skills Used Covert.manipulation.stealing
Items Needed N/A
Guild Available to all

Shoplift is a covert command that is used to steal items from shops.

The following places absolutely prevent shoplifting:

Skillchecks & Difficulty

Each attempt must pass a check of the skill Covert.manipulation.stealing, and calculating the difficulty of the attempt involves your strength stat and the value of the item being shoplifted. Items of higher weight and/or higher value have a higher resistance to being shoplifted. As described below, other factors may make shoplifting less successful.


A shoplift attempt--whether successful or not--will raise the shop's security and make it more difficult to shoplift things from it.

There are two levels of security in each shop: personal security which only affects the thief who made the steal, and overall security which affects the shop and anyone else who attempts to steal from it. Shoplifting increases both levels, with personal security increasing faster. Personal security will max out quickly, and seems to increase exponentially after the fourth shoplift.research



You steal the <item> from <shop>.


You tried to steal the <item> from <shop>. You hope nobody noticed you trying.

Out of Covert GP

You cannot focus enough to shoplift.



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