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God information
Deity Shoji, the Goddess of Pencil Pushers
Finger Lady of Scribes and Calligraphers, She who rules over the beating heart of the Empire and commands all the myriad missives that form its slightly rustling blood, Shoji is beloved by all who set brush (or pen, or pencil) to paper, especially in the service of efficiency and the proper order of things.

She currently can't be worshipped.

Areas Bes Pelargic
Priests' Alignment min: 0 neutral

max: 0 neutral

Major Shield
Holy symbol small ornamental broom
References worshipped by some monks in Bes Pelargic & Fang estate npcs.
Finger Finger information on Shoji (login required)

There is a shrine to Shoji in the Bes Pelargic priest tower, in a room just off the Tier of Seven Hundred Corridors. It is a shop, selling clerical supplies.