Shimmering glass nugget

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A shimmering glass nugget can be bought for &&&&&&&&&&+20000 $50 from Brimstone's in the Artificers' Academy. George Boots-san in the Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble also sells them.


For each of these spells, the colour of the spell's effect will be the same as the colour of the nugget at the time of casting.


While the glass nugget is in your inventory, it will phase through many colours, only pausing once it is safely tucked away in a container. The number of colours a single nugget will visit may depend on the nugget. It is also possible to encourage a nugget to take on a specific colour, simply by saying that colour aloud while the nugget is in your inventory. Attempting to do this, however, seems to sometimes make the nugget explode (harmlessly, but destroying it):

The bright yellow glass nugget explodes in a shower of bright yellow dust!

If the nugget has been made clear (by Pragi's Molten Gaze) it will also stay clear while in a container.