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The handsome sheep shearer is a human NPC that normally resides in the NW corner of the village of Sheepridge. He is not a strong fighter and can be killed easily with moderate fighting skills.

The sheep shearer NPC is unique in three ways:

  • If kissed, he will disappear and the kisser will have an obble appear in their inventory. The obble can be put into a backpack, handed to another player, etc. like any other typical object. The obble can also be kissed to destroy the obble and create a brand new handsome sheep shearer. Note that shearers cannot be kissed by someone who is fighting them.
  • The shearer, when in human form, can be thrown to other players - even players that are many, many miles away. The reciever will be told the name of the thrower. The throw may not work if the target is hiding and the thrower doesn't have enough perception. Any items planted on the shearer will be dropped when he is thrown to someone (remaining in the room with the thrower).
  • The shearer, when in human form, is programmed to interact with other shearers if they are in the same room. Shearers can kiss each other - the kissee will be converted into an obble and the kisser will drop the obble onto the ground. Shearers can also throw each other to random players.

Note that kissing the shearer/obble resets the shearer/obble. If the shearer is injured and kissed, kissing that obble will create a brand new shearer who is in perfect health. Any items planted on the shearer will be dropped when the shearer is kissed, etc. Likewise, any modifications to the obble (enchantments, delusions, etc.) will be removed when the obble is kissed.

The obble can be placed into a backpack for later use and has some useful applications. You can only put five obbles in a container. Putting more than five obbles in a container causes the excess obbles to disappear.

Due to changes it is no longer possible to attack the shearer or cause him to fight you.
  • It is still possible to use squints to deal damage to the shearer but this doesn't bring him into combat.
  • Since the shearer is human, if you manage to kill the shearer without melee you could convert the corpse into components for certain spells/rituals. The weight of the obble is considerably less than the weight of the heavier human bodypart components.
  • A shearer may be used as practice target for the skills that require one. Plant a worthless item on him and steal it back (preferably outside of AM city limits so you avoid the Thieves Guide quota rules or worse for those unlicensed to steal).
  • A priest(ess) with Sotto Voce can use a shearer for shell scrying.