Seven-bladed steel urumi

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Seven-bladed steel urumi
Weapon information
Precise dimensions 4 2/12 x 2/12
Material watered steel
Weight 2 8/9
Thaums/sec 5 stable / 7 talisman / 11 max
Hands 1
Commands Slash
Melee type Misc weapon
Judge data
Speed 9 very fast 9
Maximum damage 9 pretty high 9
Average damage 5 pretty low 5
Str Overall Attack ease Parry ease
12 13 extremely good
10 easy
11 rather easy
15 13 extremely good
10 easy
12 very easy

Long Description

This weapon comprises seven four feet long thin steel blades attached to a hilt and would probably have a greater resemblance to a nest of writhing snakes than a weapon when wielded in combat. Although it would take a great deal of skill to avoid ripping your own face off on the backswing, it also looks capable of taking out an entire room of your worst enemies simultaneously.

Appraises As

The seven-bladed steel urumi is about four feet long and roughly a couple of inches wide. It is made of watered steel and could be used as a weapon of type misc.


Be aware that all urumi's require fighting.special.weapon  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore.  to avoid self inflicted damage, that goes through shields, with every strike.


A shrivelled tramp atop a monolith northeast of Al Khali.