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In-Game Helpfile


These highly trained and usually well-born swordsmen are sworn to defend the lives and honour of the noble houses they serve. Quartered on the estates of the Houses, they train fiercely in between excursions where they do their best to "accidentally" run into (and possibly stab) samurai from other houses.

While each Samurai will eventually become a member of the Hong, Fang, Tang, Sung or McSweeney families and thus have their home on one of the fabulous sprawling estates which are a demonstration of the wealth and opulence of Agatea and her citizens, all recruits will begin their training at the Garden of Steel Flowers. This elite training facility is located in the Sour-Toe-May School of Martial Arts, off Wung-Chi lane in the northern part of Bes Pelargic.

The Samurai dojo contains three shops; one selling samurai belts and other clothing, one selling Agatean cultural items such as calligraphy tools and fans, and finally one selling custom katanas. Training dummies around the guild allow you to test your skills. There are also three opportunities for TMs; a bucket of sand that you can drive your fist into for ad.he TMs, diagrams that you can study for (assuming to be low level TMs, needs research) and a plank that can be broken (giving TMs), all opportunities granting amounts of XP.



Samurai are not exempt from the general ban on weapons in Bes Pelargic.