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There are a handful of rooms scattered throughout Discworld that are safe zones: combat, rituals, covert actions, and spells, are not possible in them.

Additionally, in most of them it is not possible to:

  • Regain hit points or guild points (either naturally through heartbeat, or through such means as blue water, bandages, and probably healing tea as well)
  • Lose hit points through non-combat means such as poison, or failing to snap a senssu fan (although poison can still run its course and wear off)
  • Eat things
  • Bury things

Brother David's house of rest and safety

This spot is located in Ankh-Morpork on Short Street just south of its junction with the Street of Small Gods.

Chapel of Eternity

The Chapel of Eternity in Sto Lat on northern Wall Street is a safe room. Gp does not regen and you cannot use active commands.

Mountain shrine

The mountain shrine in the Ramtops is a safe room that does not allow gp regen or the use of active commands.

It is near the land of the Giants. Following the southwest path out of the giants' land, a couple of journeys later you can journey on the southwest trail and reach the outside of the cave, which is just north of the road.

The cave features a small alcove with a shrine to the Small Gods in it.

Be warned that there can be dangerous npcs even on the roads, like lynxes and evil trolls, especially at night. Off the road there's yetis.

Sessifet's temple

This spot is located in Djelibeybi on Temple Street.

Only the foyer is a safe zone; the chapel is not.

Father Pax's sanctuary

This spot is located in the capture the flag castle, in the room with Father Pax.

The dueling oaks

This spot is located in Genua, in the southwest corner of the Genua City Park. The ghost of le Comte Laurente Bon Ange resides here.

Unlike the other rooms, it is possible to regain hit points and guild points here, and it is also possible to lose hit points through non-combat means.

It is also possible to bury things here, but only through ritual burial.