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Rugby is a multiplayer pvp minigame located in the Ramtops.


    In this building, you can play rugby.  Teams of at most nine players  
    each compete on the playing field to the north, where the goal is to  
    score as many goals as possible using a ball (which will be supplied).
    There are two teams: east and west.  Players declare their allegiance 
    simply by using the join command in the locker room of their choice.  
    In addition, a non-participating player may assume the position of    
    referee in this room, provided the game has not yet started.  (See the
    Refereeing section for more information.)                             

Starting a game

    At the beginning of the game, players join teams in the locker rooms  
    to the east and west.  The teams are named, conveniently, EAST and    
    WEST.  EAST and WEST have had a long and tumultous history of rivalry,
    going back at least a century, since they first faced each other in   
    the finals of the Great Lancre Rugby Championship of 1887.            
    Once all the players have joined a team, one player from each team    
    must declare that their team is ready to play.  When both teams have  
    declared their readiness, either the referee must start the game (if  
    there is one), or a starting team is randomly selected and the game is
    started automatically. 

Skills used

    Tackling uses fighting.special.unarmed to prepare the tackle.         
    Breaking a tackle once someone already has you pinned checks your     
    fighting.unarmed.grappling against theirs, though there is still a low
    chance to break the tackle even if you fail the skillcheck.           
    Throwing the ball uses fighting.range.thrown, as does punting the     
    ball.  It is possible to intercept balls which are thrown or punted,  
    and the skill used for this is adventuring.acrobatics.vaulting.       


    When the game starts, everyone is sent onto the field and one of the  
    players is given the ball.  Then, their team will try their best to   
    get the ball to the goalposts on the other side of the field, while   
    the other team will try to stop them and take the ball from them to do
    the opposite.  Once someone with the ball ends up in the enemy        
    endzone, the game is paused until someone from the other team         
    continues the game with 'start'.  This is to give any casualties time 
    to recover in the morgue.
    Naturally, as the rugby field is a PK arena, casualties are possible. 
    Any corpses will be transported to the morgue, and ghosts may go there
    for a raise as well.                                                    
    While in the field, you can perform special rugby commands like       
    tackle, throw, and punt.                                              
    Tackle will throw someone to the ground and jump on them, making them 
    drop the ball and keeping them stuck in place until you let go or they
    struggle free.  It will automatically target the person that has the  
    ball.  You can also tackle in a direction to reach people in nearby   
    rooms, but it's slower to prepare.                                    
    Throw lets you pass the ball to your teammates, but if someone from   
    the other team is standing in between they may intercept it.  Punt    
    lets you send the ball in a particular direction, and is harder to    
    intercept but also less accurate.                                                  

Ending the game

    After X minutes, the game ends automatically.                         
    It is also possible for the referee to reset the game.  This can be   
    done whether or not a game has already started.  Resetting ends the   
    game, disbands the teams, and removes all players from the field.     
    If there is no referee, anyone can reset the game in this room.       


    The refereeing commands are:                                          
       >  referee match     -  claim the
       >  stop refereeing   -  give up the
       >  transfer referee  -  make
                            someone else
                            the referee
       >    to <player>        (they have
                            to be in the
                            foyer as well)
       >  displace referee  -  take over
       >  reset game        -  reset the
       >  fieldheight <y>   -  set the
                            height of the
                            field to a
                            value between
                            3 and 9
       >  select <team>     -  appoint a
                            team as the
                            start team
       >  start game        -  start the
    These commands are only available in this room.                       
    A referee has the power to select a starting team, make adjustments to
    the playing field, start the game (more about this later), and to make
    announcements to all players.  A referee is not necessary but may be  
    welcome in particular for larger games.                               
    Claiming the referee position can only be done if there is not already
    a referee.                                                            
    If there is a referee but they are not in the room or more than five  
    minutes idle, or if both teams have declared readiness for over five  
    minutes and yet the game has not started, it is possible to displace  
    the referee.  This removes the referee position from the person       
    currently holding it, and passes it on to yourself.                   
    If a referee wishes to relinquish their duties, they can either do so 
    simply by stopping to referee, or by transferring their duties to     
    someone else in the room.                                             


    You can watch the game from this room by looking at the window.       
    WEST is represented by letters, while EAST is represented by numbers. 
    Multiple players of the same team will be shown as a single player,   
    while multiple players from different teams will be shown as a '!'.   
    If there is a 'o' on the map, then the ball is on the ground in that