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Lancre Highland Regiment HQ map by Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar


The Lancre Highland Regiment was once a proud army created to defend the Kingdom of Lancre from Elvish incursions into the kingdom from one of the fabled two-dimensional gateways into their world. The reduction of these incursions has led to a reduction in size of the army to the point where only the highly skilled and brave elite remain to guard the Kingdom and its monarch.


The Lancre Highland Regiment Barracks are located on the east end of the Lancre Town Square in Lancre Town, in the beautiful kingdom of Lancre (And don't let anyone tell you otherwise, especially any forn buggers) in the Ramtops area.

Playing Style

The Lancre Highland Regiment is mainly focussed on fighting-based primary skills.

This will appeal to Numberchasers and those interested in playing styles involving heavy armour and fighting with swords, axes, maces and polearms.

For players interested in horse-riding or travelling, the Lancre Highland Regiment has as one of their primary skills which can make it much easier to advance skills to ride horses for travelling.

Wielding sword or dual wielding swords and parrying is a recommended fighting style for new warriors to the Regiment as the skill bonuses and stats align. However it is up to you what you wish to use and this is but a recommendation.


Joining the guild is a fairly simple task, achieved by typing 'join' when you enter the joining office of the Lancre Highland Regiment Barracks where Grout Ilbilee resides.

Upon joining, he will give you a booklet detailing information about the Lancre Highland Regiment that you can read.


You can learn new commands with Grout Ilbilee in the Lancre Highland Regiment joining office. Type 'say teach me please' in this room to see if you can learn new commands.

You can advance your skills with Grout Ilbilee in the joining office or with Crog Krowbarr in the Lancre Highland Regiment Training Yard. Typing 'help here' will show you a list of commands you can use to advance skills.


The Regiment offers some rooms/facilities:

  • The Lancre Highland Regiment Armoury:
    • Where you can fix weapons, armours and tools as it is a smithy
    • Rowena MacClannachy here also sells a range of shields, clothes, armours, swords, axes, maces and polearms.
    • You can also order custom war hammers from Rowena
  • The Lancre Highland Regiment joining room has a bulletin board with news and messages from warriors. You can learn commands and advance with Grout Ilbilee.
    • Type 'look board' to see what messages are on there.
    • You can type 'read [number of message]' to see what a person has written.
    • Type 'help board' to learn more.
  • The Lancre Highland Regiment Training Yard where you can advance skills with Crog Knowbarr.
    • There is also a dummy here that can be used to trigger TMs on combat-related skills.
    • To train, type attack dummy or kill dummy.
      • You can try to TM fighting and special attacks (except attacks like trip) against the dummy
      • If you kill Crog, you won't be able to train with the dummy until Crog respawns again.
    • Crog Knowbarr will also offer tips and comment on how much damage you attack has caused by saying things like "That's an excellent attack."

Newbie Chest

The newbie chest is a chicken coop in the Lancre Highland Regiment practice yard

Items sold here

Rowena sells a range of weapons, clothes, armours and useful items that include:

Things to note

  • Crog Knowbarr will offer tips on combat while you attack the dummy, his tips include:
Crog Krowbarr says with a Lancrastian accent: Holding a two-handed weapon in
     one hand can be useful when using a shield but is hard to do unless you
     have high strength. 
Crog Krowbarr says with a Lancrastian accent: A neutral attitude, choosing
     neither to defend nor attack primarily, is less draining than a more
     offensive or defensive one.
Crog Krowbarr says with a Lancrastian accent: You can focus on specific parts
     of your opponent's body to take advantage of weaknesses in their armour
     but this is harder to do than attacking normally.
Crog Krowbarr says with a Lancrastian accent: Being burdened in combat, by
     carrying lots of things or wearing lots of armour, reduces your
     effectiveness.  This is especially true for dodging.