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Modifier Increase or decrease
to effective bonus
Your god's high altar +12
Actively worshipping +7
Rain/snow/sleet (Pishe) +7
Carrying fluffy items (Gufnork) +7
Fluffy room (Gufnork) +3
Wearing 3 stylish clothes (Gapp) +4
Stylish surroundings (Gapp) +3
Indoors (Sandelfon) +7
Room with some water (Fish) +7
Underwater (Fish) +14
With 3 other priests (Hat) +16
At other deity's high altar (Hat) +9
Fighting (Sek) +5
Ritual assistance set to 1%
("the hand of <deity> guides you")
Near high altar +3 to +9
Far from high altar -2 to -8
1 priest minion -4
2 priest minions -8
3 priest minions -13
4 priest minions -17
Nearly out of alignment -5
Actually out of alignment Unknown, but is said to be "hefty" with the severity depending on how far out you are
Performing from faith rod varies, but high penalty
Drunk (except Hat) -33
Poisoned -33
At high altar of another deity (except Hat) -45
Witch/wizard-owned area -45

Rituals are harder or easier, and cost more or less gp, depending on the circumstances under which the ritual is performed. You are informed of these bonuses or penalties when performing a ritual.


All deities

You'll get a bonus if...

  • You are at a high altar of your deity.
  • You're near a high altar of your deity. You seem to visibly get the bonus if you're in the same city as a high altar, or within a few miles of one.
  • You have been "actively worshipping" your deity--in other words, if you've recently prayed or used a ritual burial command.
  • The deity pool has been set to make rituals easier and more powerful ("the hand of Pishe guides you").


For specific rituals

  • Mend is easier for Gappics when performed on a piece of clothing that matches Gapp's current favourite fashion.


All rituals

You'll get a penalty if...

  • You "sense that the gods have averted their eyes from this place", that is, you're in a Wizards Guild or Witches Guild outpost, or you're in real estate owned by a witch or wizard. This penalty seems to be larger for Resurrect than for other rituals.
  • You're at another deity's high altar and are not a Hattite.
  • You're poisoned.
  • You're drunk. (Hattites get this penalty, but they also get a bonus for being drunk which seems to just cancel it out.)
  • You're performing the ritual from a faith rod (the extent of the penalty may depend on your faith.items.rod bonus).
  • You are far from a high altar of your deity.
  • You "can barely sense the presence of <deity>", meaning you're nearly out of alignment--or if "<deity> is punishing you for your lack of piety", meaning you're actually out of alignment.
  • You're controlling one or more minions (totems, dust devils, dooms, or spectres)

Specific rituals

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