Burial commands

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Burial commands
Command information
GP Cost 50 per corpse
Learnt At guild level 25
Skills Used faith.rituals.special, faith.rituals.offensive.area
Items Needed N/A
Guild Priests

Burial commands are priest-only commands used to bury a corpse or corpses, sacrificing it to your deity at the same time. This is also known as ritual burial or ritburying.


The command is learned at guild level 25 from your religious instructor.

Different versions

The specific command you get depends on your deity. While the visual effect is different for each, they all work the same way. The six versions are:

  • Decompose (Gufnork)
  • Ensumpf (Sek)
  • Envalise (Hat)
  • Pyroscipate (Fish) (Has a different appearance depending on whether the burial takes place on land or in the water.)
  • Shroud (Gapp)
  • Ventisepelate (Pishe and Sandelfon) (Has a different appearance depending on whether the burial takes place indoors or outdoors.)


You can attempt to ritually bury as many corpses at once as you have gp for. However, it's more difficult the more corpses you try to bury at once, and it takes longer. Having higher faith.rituals.special seems to help on both counts. If you fail to ritually bury a corpse, you can't try again. You can, however, bury the corpse normally and still get the burial xp.

Unlike regular burial, you can use ritual burial in combat. This uses faith.rituals.offensive.area in some manner (it's possible to tm the skill this way). For Sekkite priests, ritual burial in combat is faster and ritual burial combat out of combat is significantly slower.

Note that you cannot ritual bury a corpse after it has already been buried using the 'bury' command. It IS possible to recover a ritually buried corpse despite it being apparently 'destroyed' by the ritual.

Ritual burial adds five deity points to the pool per corpse, making it as efficient as praying away from a high altar.


There are three achievements in the Priests category related to this command:

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