Ripley's Custom Tabards

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Ripley's Custom Tabards is a custom clothing shop off the northeastern corner of Plaza of Broken Moons in Ankh-Morpork that specializes in tabards, which give off some warmth and cover the back and chest. The titular Ripley is nowhere to be seen, though the room description includes a "burly man".

This is Ripley's Custom Tabards shop.  People come here when they want a fine tabard to wear over their armour.  A sign hangs from the far wall, and under it sits a burly man.


For &&&&&&&&&&&&+900 A$2.25 you can use the order tabard command to craft a one line tabard description. Unlike other custom clothing shops, you do not choose a fabric, color, etc. and instead make up the description yourself.


The shop does not give a time estimate for returning, but seems to take ~1 hour in game. Players may then collect tabard.