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Rickshaws are a type of transportation used in Bes Pelargic. Only one person fits in a rickshaw. Some locations that drivers wait are Tuna Walk by the ferry, Wung-Chi Lane in front of the dojo, Market Street, the Hong Fa silk market, and the northeast corner of the Square of a Thousand Parades. Rickshaw drivers understand many languages, even Thieves' Cant and Grunt (which is probably a bug), and it doesn't matter how good you are at speaking that language (probably a bug, too).

Rickshaws are free to use.[1] Keep in mind using a rickshaw is pretty slow, and the driver occasionally gets lost.

"Use rickshaw" to enter one, and say "directions" to get some instructions.

The rickshaw driver asks in Agatean with a Bes Pelargic accent: You want to know where I can take you?
The rickshaw driver says in Agatean with a Bes Pelargic accent: OK.
The rickshaw driver scratches his head.
The rickshaw driver says in Agatean with a Bes Pelargic accent: Well, I know the way to the Paradeground, the Palace, the docks, the fishmarkets, the Hong Fa silkmarket, the Samurai dojo, Diamond Place, the bank in Pong Ping, the city gates, Blue Moon park, High Tide Road, Wung-Chi Lane, the Tang Family pier, the Hong Family Estate, the McSweeney Family Estate, the Sung Family Estate, the Fang Family Estate and many more places, but I might get lost.
The rickshaw driver says in Agatean with a Bes Pelargic accent: Or, you can direct me as you wish, for example just say 'go to north', and 'stop' when we've reached your destination.

The "many more places" include Garden Walk, Silk Lane, and the Snail (careful, the driver won't stop at the entrance).

To go to a location, say "go to <location>". The "to" must be in the directions, otherwise the driver won't respond.

Once the driver starts running, you can see every room he passes through and interact in whatever's in that room for the short time you're in it. Once the rickshaw arrives at the destination, the driver will announce the arrival. He'll stay in the room for a few minutes. Then:

The rickshaw driver says in Agatean with a Bes Pelargic accent: Right, if you won't be needing me I go back home now.

The driver will take the rickshaw back to its original location, whether or not you're still in it.

To stop, you can say "stop", as long as the driver is not in motion (so right after arriving in a room). Or you can just leave the rickshaw ("stand on floor" or "leave rickshaw") or leave the room. Also, if you perform a ritual or cast a spell, the driver will stop.

Apparently, drivers pick fights with the wandering group of ninja, or vice versa.


  1. The driver says, "Ok, we'll go there now. For you, no charge." It doesn't look like he charges anyone, though.