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The Tricks - Research

Duplicate a command row that you have stats for, put in your two skills level/bonus, whether you always Succeed;always Fail; or Sometimes succeed. For Thwack include your target unless it is consistent for you against multiple targets.

Red Yo-yo Yellow Yo-yo Success or Fail
attempt <string> trick with <object> perform <string> trick with <object>
yoyo trick yoyo trick 5/26 10/52 Succeed
yoyo trick yoyo trick 10/52 10/52 Succeed[3]
walk the dog trick climb the pyramid trick 5/26 10/52 Fail
walk the dog trick climb the pyramid trick 10/52 10/52 Sometimes[3]
snap trick snap trick
around the disc trick around the disc trick 23/117 10/56 Succeed[2]
rocking cradle trick swim the djel trick 23/117 10/56 Fail[2]
write your name trick write your name trick  ? 200 Succeed [1]
thwack <living> with <object> thwack <living> with <object> 5/26 10/52 Sometimes (twice in five tries against a hen)

[1] Not confirmed recently. I just remember this was the target long ago. --Emily

[2] 23/117 with 10/56 is not enough to succeed with rocking or swim. It is enough to succeed with the easier tricks. Definitely not enough for the name trick.

[3] 10/52 with 10/52 is enough to sometimes perform "walk the dog/climb the pyramid", and always enough to perform easier tricks.