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Portrait examples

Mellisandre Maverick

circa 23 April 2010

This is an expertly executed portrait of Mellisandre Maverick, posing clothed, sitting amidst a scene of raucous decadence, several bottles of scumble scattered around her. The scene outside the Mended Drum has been reproduced exquisitely by the artist, including blood spatters, shattered glass and puddles of vomit. In one corner of the painting, two seamstresses can be seen. One appears to be holding back the other's hair - doubtless to keep her spotless as she throws up into a barrel. Another image depicted in the painting is the art of dwarf-tossing, with some inebriated members of the Ankh-Morpork Palace Guard grabbing hapless members of the vertically-challenged community and hurling them through the door of the erstwhile public house. A baby can be seen falling cheerfully out of a window in the distance, whilst in another part of the picture, a wizard can be assumed to be doing something obscene with a staff with a knob on the end. Painted scruffily on one of the carts in bright white is the moniker 'SCUMBLE LANE' - the painting being an allegory for the perils and joys of this apple-based beverage. 

Elanor the Wise

circa 26 April 2010

This is a masterfully executed portrait of Elanor the Wise, posing clothed, Standing in the midst of a tumultuous storm, the raging winds whipping her robe and her cloak billowing behind her. In her right hand a staff with a knob on the end blazes with arcane power and her eyes glow with a vivid blue light. Lightning cascades from her wizard's pointy hat and crackles between her fingers as she defies the full fury of nature. Standing firm against the might of the storm.

Fole von Bruxa

circa 26 April 2010

This is a competently executed portrait of Fole von Bruxa, posing clothed, in her finest black cloak, holding her broom close to her busom but somehow in a semi-threatening angle whilst complaining but at the same time eyeing up an Ankh-Morpork Watchman about the state of the streets around The Illuminated Teapot.


circa 26 April 2010

This is an expertly executed portrait of Bonobo, posing naked, graciously giving an exquisite pearl necklace to what looks like a kneeling Genuan maid. What a generous person Bonobo must be!. 


circa 21 July 2013

This is a brilliantly executed portrait of Proeliator, posing clothed, in an epic struggle against a waddle of penguins on the vast, icy, wastelands of the Hub. It appears that he has been traveling on foot for many days as his clothes are dirty and tattered, his face is hidden by the wild undergrowth of a beard and there is a distinct lack of bacon sandwiches. The latter suggests our barbarian hero is fighting for his next meal, possibly it could be that these penguins have a supply of bacon sandwiches or at least a packet of crisps. Pamphlets can be seen falling through a hole in his leather backpack, some are littered with Agatean characters, one is quite visible that says 'Welcome to Ecalpon!' and another looks like a tourist information leaflet for Uberwald. These alone suggest that this has been an extensive journey; though the other pamphlet full of nudey women suggest that Proeliator is a dirty old git. Broad brush stokes and dramatic shading suggest that these penguins will not survive the onslaught from this rugged barbarian, though the silhouettes of Ice Giants in the background may prove that our hero shares the same fate as these lowly monochrome mammals.


circa 01 January 2015

This is an expertly executed portrait of Abbacus, posing clothed, looking stoic, staring off into the distance, his grey mohawk fluttering in the wind. A pair of runed staves harnessed across his back, pitch black velvet robes whipping back and forth over the steel armour underneath. 


circa 01 June 2016

This is is a skillfully executed portrait of Jaceth, posing clothed, swimming at the bottom of the sea.  Brilliantly coloured fishes -- coral red, dappled silver, glowing pink banded with copper, deep blue with yellow stripes, intense purple with silver tracery -- swim all around her in the luminous blue waters.  In stark contrast to the vivid, graceful fishes, Jaceth wears sombre black from head to heel and awkwardly clutches a large cobble to her chest.  Her expression is one of grim determination.