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With a 168 bonus in people.culture.djelian I weighted the washboard on the scales in the Djelibeybi post office 7+1 times.

Each of those attempts gave identical results:

>weigh washboard on scales
You slip one Djelian talon into the slot.
The scales indicate that the washboard with wringer attachment weighs two hundred deben.
You weigh the washboard with wringer attachment on the pair of weighing scales.

re scales
You read the pair of weighing scales:
Written in neat hieroglyphs in Djelian:
For the convenience of ignorant foreigners, it is known under the bubble of the Sky Goddess Nesh that two "pounds" of sand weigh nine deben.

200 deben / 9 * 2 = 44 4/9 lb

Frazyl 04:26, 15 February 2010 (UTC)