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It definitely looks like tying turbans uses First, it uses people gp (confirmed by tming people.points, and by only being able to tie it properly whn I have enough people gp). Secondly, with a bonus of up to 130 (with beads) I could only get the lower messages (the first two). After getting three tms in (through weighing things on the post office scales) for an unstatted bonus of 137, I can get the "just a little loose" line instead, or sometimes "clumsily tied", and statted up for a bonus of 140, it looks "finely tied" or sometimes "clumsily tied". I haven't advanced any other people skills in the meantime, so this definitely looks like it.

I don't seem to get the "just a little loose" result at all with the slightly higher bonus (after many attempts and getting "clumsily tied" several times, and "finely tied" most of the time), so I guess that one is, oddly, lower than the "coming loose above the ears" one. --Ilde 10:18, 12 May 2010 (UTC)