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To check thoroughly which unarmed aid does the most damage and how they rank I have just performed some unarmed tests with the unarmed aids listed on this page. Many thanks to Pokey for his help!

Each test was about 50 rounds for around 100 hits per aid. All hits were included. I had 670 striking bonus and was at 24-25% burden.

Leather-strap gloves - 257hp average

Knuckle-dusters - 269hp average

Lion paws - 248hp average

Tentacle - 252hp average

OBBK - 262hp average


The knuckle-dusters do the most damage. OBBK has very random damage with some high damage hits and some very low ones. The kicks and unboosted punches may be lowering the amount of damage for the lion paws and tentacle. It would seem the leather strap gloves or the knuckle-dusters would be the preferred choice for most players unless you need to cut vines (lion paws) or improve one's grappling (tentacle).

- Toffee 06/03/2022

Having discussed the results, the lack of focus on a target area may have affected the results. As the hits were at random locations, perhaps more results are needed to get an accurate average.

- Toffee 15/03/2022