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Tyrannosaurus can be found in the mountains south of Nowhere and only spawn when entering the room.


It will pick up dead corpses that are next to it. It's alignment is barely evil however unsure if this differs with each NPC-

perform see alignment
You are finding it a bit more difficult to perform see alignment because you are far from profane ground.
You recite the psalm of acquisition.
You speak the prayer of divination.
You indicate your desire to gain better understanding of people.
Your vision seems to deepen in some undefined way.
The enormous tyrannosaurus sniffs the air.

It is night and the full moon is hidden by the clouds.
This is a curving green hillside with lush and thick grass, speckled with mushrooms, dominating the landscape. It is impossible to tell how long these hills go on for; the hills drop away and reappear seamlessly, a vast optical illusion. A range of rolling mountainous hills fills the view to the north, east, south, west, northeast, southwest, southeast and northwest.
It is a damn cold autumn prime's night with a steady wind and medium cloud cover.
There are four obvious exits: north, east, south and west.
An enormous tyrannosaurus (barely evil) is towering massively over the landscape.