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10:52:52: (Wizards) Quow wisps: TPA is not affected by methods. covers TPA.  1 bonus = +10 second duration.  That is all.
10:53:36: (Wizards) Ochrion wisps: has your testing confirmed that for damage capacity as well as duration Quow?
10:53:44: (Wizards) Venia wisps: The point is largely moot anyway, because it doesn't change any of the weights, TPA's methods are shared among EHA, PFG, and DKDDD.
10:53:52: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Durability == duration, duration == durability.
10:54:24: (Wizards) Quow wisps: I still think high methods are always good for spells you use regularly, but I would not invest GIGANTIC xp piles into any TPA methods that are not used in other spells too.
10:54:56: (Wizards) Ochrion wisps: Are you sure? So the amount of damage required to break a fresh TPA instantly is directly related to time it has remaining?
10:56:44: (Wizards) Mirodar wisps: Ochrion, become Dean of Experimentation and you can set people to research it!
10:56:56: (Wizards) Sparky wisps: Wow, now I really regret eating an airy candy that one time I was contracted with a fluke TPA
10:56:58: (Wizards) Quow wisps: TPA has value of X and Y, X being "max", Y being current.  Say X = 6500 for me when I cast TPA, and so Y = 6500 also.  Every second, X drops by 1, and so Y drops by 1.  When you take damage, Y drops by damage.  If Y drops to 0, TPA breaks.  Every second, Y increases (in a curve that tapers off - it recharges more per second, the further away from X it is), until it reaches X again (while X is constantly lowering every second).
10:57:17: (Wizards) Ochrion wisps: I don't need to if Quow has already done the research Mirodar
10:57:28: (Wizards) Quow wisps: That means high "burst damage" can destroy a TPA, but if it's not enough to destroy it, and your TPA can keep recharging, then it can take HUGE amounts of damage.
10:57:46: (Wizards) Ochrion wisps: Ok cool
10:57:52: (Wizards) Ochrion wisps: Thanks Quow
10:57:59: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Hope that's all understandable/clear, I never did turn it into a formal research book/paper so never had the need to write it all in a super-understandable way
10:58:28: (Wizards) Mirodar wisps: wow, that was a lot more detailed than I expected...and shucks to my failed attempt to fill Faculty positions
10:58:37: (Wizards) Ochrion wisps: No it makes sense, I just wanted to confirm you had actually tested that and weren't just making an assumption, and it sounds like you have
10:58:43: (Wizards) Venia wisps: Great explanation, thanks Quow.
10:59:07: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Yeah, I mean obviously without seeing the code who knows for certain the ACTUAL mechanics - but the outward end outcome of it matches exactly to what I described.
10:59:07: (Wizards) Arturos wisps: Thanks Quow! :D
10:59:33: (Wizards) Quow wisps: (which is the same for my PFG damage calcs etc. - the ACTUAL game mechanics work very differently, but the END OUTCOME on an average cast match very closely)
10:59:46: (Wizards) Marya wisps: That was perfectly explained, Quow!
11:00:05: (Wizards) Marya wisps: Saying as someone who has trouble understanding user instructions for toilet paper
11:00:05: (Wizards) Straightwire wisps: does a new cast on an old tpa refresh the old cast to x? or do we simply replace the old cast with a fresh tpa?
11:00:35: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Not a real formula, and less true at lower levels, but TPA duration (which as explained above is basically it's strength/capacity/max burst damage), is BASICALLY 10 seconds per 1 bonus of ma.sp.def.  That's a rough rule of thumb but will get you close enough to be useful
11:00:37: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Oh *ALSO*
11:00:44: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Room thaums = extra TPA strength when you cast.
11:00:51: (Wizards) Quow wisps: So cast TPA in high thaums = higher strength.
11:01:02: (Wizards) Marya wisps: According to wiki (which I think is based on quow-science) casting on invisible TPA replaces it if the new is going to be better than the old one, but if it's visible it will only add tiny bit of health
11:01:23: (Wizards) Venia wisps that she starts handing out Hub blorps and recommending newbies to go there to cast their TPAs.
11:01:33: (Wizards) Venia wisps: I'm helping!
11:01:34: (Wizards) Quow wisps: 1000 thaums = maybe extra +15-20% TPA strength.  Give or take a wild sausage.
11:01:50: (Wizards) Marya wisps: Holy wood might be slightly safer
11:01:59: (Wizards) Venia wisps: 25% increased TPA, but 100% decreased legs!
11:02:20: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Holywood, and our BP guild entrance room with grandmaster, are both on par/both as good as eachother, BP guild makes more sense for a wizzard blorp.
11:02:55: (Wizards) Venia wisps: Quow did you test that with created background thaums or ambient background thaums?
11:03:06: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Both
11:03:14: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Natural thaums and artificial thaums - all the matters is what the thaums in the room show/what a thaumometer shows
11:03:18: (Wizards) Award wisps: What if I tame the sausage, Quow?
11:03:23: (Wizards) Venia wisps: I remember a debate a few months ago on whether or not Holywood would actually increase the power of a MGAGT cast
11:03:27: (Wizards) Venia wisps: Ah, gotcha, thanks
11:03:28: (Wizards) Quow wisps: Spells only care about total thaums, not whether they are natural or artificial, from all I can see.