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Did some hard missions with Aerralin, seems to be varying exp rewards depending on target, probably 3 or 4 "classes" of target (eg static, scryable, unscryable, dangerous, perhaps). Will stick findings in basic table here for others to fill in/add to, until it has enough in to move to the main page;

Target Notes Reward
Random not-real named NPC Specific street/junction location given, random names, NPC is invisible/not "real" 6,400 xp
Scryable NPC Either in a shop static, or wandering but scryable, eg Philosopher, Truckle the Uncivil 6,400 xp
Wandering unscryable NPC Golden Chicken, Master Ninja 48,000 xp
Triad Boss Dangerous, hostile, in medina, often killed quickly by groups 140,000 xp

Further research:

Target Notes Reward
Random not-real named NPC
Scryable NPC
Wandering scryable, fly-able NPC No Go Wan 12,800