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Levels and bonuses of shared tms

This is for listing levels, bonuses, and various of people who share tms, in hopes of spotting a pattern. The "tmer" is the one performing the action that got them a tm, while the "watcher" is the one who learned something by watching them.

Skill Level of tmer Bonus of tmer Level of watcher Bonus of watcher Action Guild and GL of tmer Guild and GL of watcher Light level perception bonus of watcher
magic.methods.physical.binding 98 197 51 189 Casting Endorphin's Floating Friend Wizard (107) Witch (64) Near darkness 131
Well, the mudlib says:
  • You can't share an or *.points TM.
  • Your chance of sharing someone else's grouped TM is:
%chance = 50 * (width)/(width + diff2 + sqrt(level))
  • Width is a very bizarre figure - it's what you'd get if you took level 625, worked out the bonus you'd get based on your stats and the skill's stat weightings, then shoved that figure in as the level and did the same for the person you were watching's stats to get a final bonus. I suggest just assuming that 'width' is about 500.
  • Diff is the difference between their level and your level in the appropriate skill, OR the difference between their bonus and your bonus in that skill - whichever is greater (note: looks to be a bug in that the mudlib doesn't consider what happens if your level/bonus is less than the TMer's; so in that case use whichever is the lesser absolute difference).
  • level is your level in the skill that was TMed.
Basically, the closer your level/bonus to that of whoever TMed, and the lower your level in the relevant skill, the more likely you are to be able to share that TM.
--Chat 21:56, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
Oh, now that's interesting. I guess there's not much point in cataloging specific shared tms, then. Thanks! --Ilde 00:04, 8 August 2009 (UTC)