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I can confirm that the size of the paper input into the cases doesn't impact the size of the paper output. I can also confirm that the size of the scroll from the filigreed and from the pearwood case are the same size (The piece of writing paper is about a foot long and about nine inches wide. It is made of paper.).

Also yes if you have vaulted a pearwood and buy a filigreed the pearwood will die.

The exquisite pearwood case sniffs you briefly before wailing jealously. You get an exquisite pearwood case from a cubby hole. The exquisite pearwood case crumbles into dust, magic escaping into the air with a shower of sparks and a slight smell of burning feathers.

So far it looks like the only difference between the cases is that the bigger ones hold more paper. At least at middling to low bonuses. When I have higher bonuses I'll do all of this again. But even then it's really looking like there's no compelling reason to get the bigger more expensive case other than aesthetics.

- Arturos, April 5 2021

Ma.sp.sp: 300/328 151/280 51/180

Tested all 3 cases. I could only get 9 spells into each of them before the skills needed was too high to feed any more. The point being that is was 9 for each so no difference in spells held.

In all 3 cases at about 6 spells was when I could list what was in it semi-consistently.

I vaulted each case as I went to get the next one (starting from smallest working my way up) and after testing when I went to retrieve the previous cases this happened.

The filigreed rowan case sniffs you briefly before wailing jealously. You get a filigreed rowan case from a large wooden drawer. The filigreed rowan case crumbles into dust, magic escaping into the air with a shower of sparks and a slight smell of burning feathers.

The caged rowan case sniffs you briefly before wailing jealously. You get a caged rowan case from a cubby hole. The caged rowan case crumbles into dust, magic escaping into the air with a shower of sparks and a slight smell of burning feathers.

But the pearwood came out fine. At this point I've ran out of money to test if it was the fact that it was a new case or if it was that it was the biggest case that caused the crumbling.

- Arturos, April 4 2021

Lifted the following message from the wizards message board:

Note #21 by Kassandra posted at Sun May 6 17:26:38 2012
Title: "Spellcases - a quick update"
I have been experimenting with my exquisite pearwood case to find out if the spells stored have an effect on the capacity.
This numbers are based on a channeling bonus of 547.

Round one. Fill the case with JHSD.
With my bonus I managed to feed in 26 copies of the spell. The 27th caused me to forget it in the process of feeding the spell. Things got a little teadious at this point as I had to :remember the spell each time I fed it to the case. From the 30th spell, it started to take more than 1 attempt to feed in the spell. I could not feed in the 35th spell, but by using a :bronze helm and bumping my channeling bonus to 584 I had no problem. At this point I was not at the book and so I stopped.

Round two. Fill the case with CIPS.
This progressed in pretty much the same way as JHSD. At the 27th copy I lost CIPS in my mind just as with JHSD. Although I did manage to get the 28th in without losing it. There is :probably some random chance and I got lucky. I managed to get 35 copies of CIPS into the case, although this time I did not need the use of a bronze helm. I tried many times to get 36 in :but could not manage it. I did not have the bronze helm at this point, so do not know if it was lack of skill, or a hard limit. As the spellcase can only hold 35 pieces of paper, perhaps :that is the spell limit also.

Also as a rough guide, a talisman bonus of 385 allows me to list 26 spells with around a 50% success rate, maybe a little less.
Also to remove a scroll from the case still requires a piece of paper, but you get a pile of paper shreddings instead of a scroll. It does not consume any ink though.

Thanks, Kassandra. --Aeatan 06:19, 14 May 2012 (UTC)

After extensive TMs and testing, I can say with certainty that there are two independent skill checks for feeding to the case from your mind. First check is against channeling to see if you can even open the link to the case. If you are able, the spell will be fed to the case, and there is a second skill check against special to see if you can split the spell in two and keep one in your mind. If you fail the channelling check, special is never checked and the spell remains in your mind. Special seems to TM much slower than channelling for me. At this point my channeling bonus is much higher than the corresponding special bonus, I currently easily succeed the opening a link check, but always fail the split check.

--Nekkrist 23 July 2014

270 talisman bonus is enough to list 15 spells with about a 50% rate. Tetrikitty (talk) 06:27, 7 June 2016 (EDT)

235 channeling is enough to put in ink at least some of the time. I was also able to store 10 spells without problems. list spells works for 7 spells about half the time with 169 Talisman bonus. --Vee (talk) 09:06, 15 November 2016 (EST)

  • Techren*: I'm testing the GP costs. After extensive use, I got my filigreed rowan case down to "It is rather battered." With a channeling bonus of 337, I fed it 331 GP at a time to restore it. Two shots (662 GP) did not change the description. It reached "It is in good condition" after the third (total 993 GP). After two more (total 1655 GP) it is still at "It is in good condition." Another shot changed it to "It is in perfect condition," using the full 331 GP, making a total of 1986 GP spent on restoration. It was not possible to restore further.