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New special attack research

So, new special attack research is needed!

Relevant stuff to know:

  • At what fi.sp.we bonus do different weapons start to be useful for specials?
  • Is max or average damage relevant for how hard it is to special with a weapon?
  • Enchantment plays a significant factor in this. A level 6 enchantment on a custom katana, for example, makes it hard to behead even with a 410 bonus yet without the enchantment, it is usable with far less.
  • Could the number of opponents matter? I seem to fail preparing a special more often when fighting multiple opponents.
fi.sp.we 198 240 251 270 284 289
Tiger fang (L5) (stab) Never Never Never Never Never
Tiger fang (L5) (slash) Most of the time
Tiger fang (L3) (slash/stab) 248
<10% time
Fencing Blade (L5) Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes
Short sword (L0) Quite often Quite often

Preparing a special attack definitely depends on something else besides your bonus and the weapon - possibly burden. --RiverPhoenix 14:44, 21 November 2013 (UTC)