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This axe judges better for the player who did the forging. A player who did not forge the axe will receive the following message upon holding it:

"The axe settles uncomfortably in your hand, as if it doesn't recognise you as its owner."

The reforged dwarf axe will judge as follows if you were not the maker:

Reforged dwarf axe
Weapon information
Precise dimensions 1 3/12 x 8/12
Material dwarf steel
Weight 4 2/9
Thaums/sec 7 stable / 9 talisman / 14 max
Hands 2
Commands Chop, Bash, Pierce, Impale, Behead, Wildswing
Melee type Axe
Judge data
Speed 5 Rather quick 5
Maximum damage 6 Quite Low 6
Average damage 3 Rather low 3
Str Overall Attack ease Parry ease
19 10 Good
11 Rather easy
12 Very easy
20 10 Good
11 Rather easy
14 Incredibly easy