Research:Pragi's Molten Gaze

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At first it looked like it was exactly sixteen minutes per casting, with stacking, but this seems not to be true. After casting it several dozen times, and not waiting long between castings (only long enough for a nugget to change to a colour I hadn't seen yet), it nevertheless wore off about 23 minutes after the last cast... this was not all on the same login, but it seems that if it stacked fully it should have lasted quite a bit longer.

With ma.sp.misc of 247, animating of 215, fire of 173, evoking of 218, and channeling of 219...

Set #1:

  • Time of casting #1: 5:28:37
  • Time of casting #2: 5:28:50
  • Time it wore off: 6:13:00

Total duration: 44:23

Set #2:

  • Time of casting #1: 6:14:25
  • Time it wore off: 6:37:56
  • Total duration: 23:31