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Just want to point out that, regarding the weapon tweaks of April 1st 2018, I have checked the (rough) weight and judge of the following weapons, which have not changed unless noted:

  • Iron boathook
  • Gebra steel dory
  • Silver dory
  • Glaive
  • Steel bo
  • Steel boathook
  • Lian
  • Iron pilum
  • Scythe -> stats buffed
  • Pollax
  • Sode-Garami
  • Star-headed pilum
  • Knight's halberd
  • lightweight bamboo fighting staff
  • oak walking staff
  • woodwind staff
  • Nagamaki
  • Bending reed Yari (custom)
  • Custom Naginata -> Stats changed, slightly improved
  • Bronze rumha
  • Steel rumha -> wasn't new, but wasn't in the database so now added
  • Copper spear -> Probably wasn't changed, I think the original data was just an error (didn't match characterstics it should have)
  • Tsortean spear
  • Ash spear
  • Steel dory
  • Iron dory
  • Halberdic spear
  • Nagamaki
  • Giant spatula
  • Steel naginata

Pokey (talk) 07:44, 1 April 2018 (EDT)

I am going to stop actively researching now. I've covered a good swathe of the likely candidates. If anybody has any particular items of interest they'd like me to test, you can get in touch, or post it to me and I'll post it back after judging.

Pokey (talk) 17:06, 2 April 2018 (EDT)