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Stamen's Research

The parachute has `deploy` attached to it as an action, but I have not found anywhere that it actually works. More research needed.

Originally, this item was intended to work only in the witch's flight room ("air room"), but has been updated to work in some other rooms.

In order for a location to be acceptable for the parachute to work, three requirements must be met:

  1. there must be a transition-room that indicates that you're falling,
  2. enough fall-distance for the parachute to deploy (value unknown, but checked by the Creators),
  3. and no major obstacles on the way down.

Ephebe Lighthouse is not a long-enough fall, for example. Lancre Gorge has spiky rocks along the decent which qualify as obstacles.

Places it will save your life:

  • Tower of Art
  • Copperhead, cliffs outside of town
  • Slice, cliffs outside of town
  • Razorback, Lover's Leap
  • The "Air Room" (flying witch transition room)

Places it will not save you from injury or death:

  • Magpyr roof
  • Brass Neck, cliffs outside of town
  • Magpyr window cliff
  • Milords & Miladies roof
  • Lancre Gorge
  • Djelibeybi pillar
  • Hidden fall in Lancre Castle area
  • Ramtops Giants (thrown off the mountain)
  • Ephebe Lighthouse
  • 5-Ways Tower
  • Lancre Castle cliff
  • AM Thief Guild roof
  • A tall pine near Grflx
  • Sto Lat catapult
  • Chimera rock (fall from failing the climb check)
  • Assassin's Guild roof, AM

Could be checked if what it saves you from is the same as what FTF will save you from. --Frazyl (talk) 22:30, 26 March 2023 (EDT)

I can definitively say that it's unrelated to FTF, though we may eventually end up with something close. For instance, FTF helps with the Five Ways tower fall where the parachute does not. The criteria is different, too; for instance, there must be a long enough fall for their to be a transition/falling room. --Stamen (talk) 03:04, 24 April 2023 (PDT)