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  • For "Street Fixer", bonus of 176 was sufficient to be successful. Groth 01:14, 10 November 2012 (UTC)

Theodor Hackett Mission Log
  • Location: T-junction of Mollymog street and The Soake in Ankh-Morpork; Time: 24 hours; Reward: 24K exp and AM$8
  • Location: Junction Lobbin Clout and Mormius Street in Ankh-Morpork; Time: 24 hours; Reward: 24K exp and AM$8

An incomplete list of items for Delivery Lackey goods, courtesy of Prodfor: barbarian harness, Bim Bam, black leather hotpants, black suit trousers, blonde wig, blue satin brassiere, blueberry cone, bottle opener, brown linen shirt, brown wool skirt, Copra-bottle glasses, cork rimmed hat, cream cake, currant bun, dagger, dead chicken, dead duck, Death-In-The-Box, discreet sign, doughnut, Dry-as-an-Ecksian coat, figgin, fruit cake, fuzzy drop-bear, griffin ring, iron mace, leather undershirt, lightable torch, magic light bulb, meat cleaver, medium satchel, metal clad boots, oilstone, petit fours, piece of fruit cake, rake, rolling pin, safety clip, scrunchy blue corset, sharp scissors, shiny black silk trousers, side of beef, side of lamb, small black comb, small loaf of bread, small metal shield, spiked club, sticky bun, strawberry cheese cake, studded leather jacket, vanilla cone, victoria sponge, white cotton shirt, yellow raincoat, strawberry cone, fawn cotton trousers, black leather shoes

And for the Foreign delivery: amber bracelet, bag of boar scratchings, baggy trousers, banana- patterned bathing cap, black leather shoes, black leather wristwatch, black ostrich feather, black pudding, black silk evening dress, blonde wig, blue satin brassiere, bluebird of happiness bathing suit, brown wool skirt, butcher's chain, canvas shoes, carved bone aulos, carving knife, cavalry sabre, cheap leather boots, chocolate cent, chunk of beef, clay cup, copper spear, crayfish, discreet sign, ebony tailcoat, fine sabre scabbard, geta, gold painted frame, gumbo pot, hessian sack, honeycomb corset, iron chain, iron dory, khopesh, klondike solitaire, knife, leather overalls, leather undershirt, lightable torch, lion-skin cape, main gauche, meat cleaver, meat pie, mink trimmed gloves, narrow silver toe ring, oil lamp, orange and black stripy tailed turban, padded leather trousers, panpipe, petit fours, piece of fruit cake, porcelain vase, quill, red lace bodice, rolling pin, rubber thong sandals, scrunchy blue corset, second-hand lab robe, sensible black bag, shiny black silk trousers, short midnight blue jacket, silver bastard sword, silver locket, silver mail shirt, silver pocketwatch, small felt- covered hammer, small paperback book, spiked club, spring roll, straw boater, teddy bear, theatrical red haired wig, vanilla cone, wok, wooden axe, wooden chopins, wooden mallet, zori, brine pickle, burgundy leather corset, black pumps, seersucker trousers, yellow tunic, emerald earring, antique black dress, bronze necklace, golden buffalo kimono, broccoli, black wool trousers with braid side trim, jade star earrings, packet of potato crisps,