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Groth's Research


  • Experience does start to go down (did not include that one here) if repeat too fast at same thing, I think. However, money remains at higher level (i.e., do a silver performance and get silver-grade money, but get bronze-level experience)
  • Update on performance and losing a rank
    • With a silver star, I was busted to bronze for a sub-18K showing. However, other bronze ratings had not lost me a rank while at silver. Therefore, there may be a ceiling for when one loses a star rank.
    • This time, with a gold star, I was busted to bronze with a sub-15K showing.
    • With gold, busted to silver with 26488 exp

--Experience and Money--


Above is a pretty graph of all the experience/money I've collected thus far (including Gunde), using only the first attempt at a job (see more discussion below). The brownish markers are bronze, white is silver, and yellow is gold.

So far it appears the breaks are thus:

  • Bronze: 14K to 30K
  • Silver: 30K to 46K
  • Gold: 46K - 60K

For experience versus money, here's a scatter graph with fitted line:


  • Disregarding the fact that it looks like some funky polynomal in the middle, the overall money line is linear, more or less. I know that the Excel-fitted line has some funny equation, but it still feels better to me to think money earned is roughly (Exp*.05)/1000. At this time, max money able to be earned seems to be $30.

Be warned! If you repeat the same job, then the experience will decrease. Therefore, on the graph, I only show the first attempt. If you do more than one in a row, it can be difficult to determine the 'true' experience of that rating. However, money does not appear to decline. Therefore, looking at Gunde's report below, I say that it seems that the kitchen was attempted three times in a row? Yes? The silver star associated with $22 is usually about 43K/44K range, so it seems that the first repeat dropped the experience earned by about 1/2. Gold for $25 is in the 47K/48K range, so I would guess that the third attempt cut earned experience somewhere a bit over 1/4. Need to continue testing this.

Decrease does not appear to occur if rotate between jobs. For example, if do cleaning, then kitchen, then counter, then return maximum experience. Unsure if will start to decrease if do something like cleaning, kitchen, cleaning, kitchen (and so on).

Therefore, even as experience decreases with subsequent attempts, the gold star remains quite accessible, requiring a gold star effort. Also, money earned stays the same.

Groth 05:58, 19 January 2013 (UTC)

Got my counter gold star having taken four orders, together with 48664 XP and A$25. Got the change wrong once (to the customer's disadvantage), had one customer starting to become impatient. Previously I had done better, but not received the gold star. --Gunde 13:11, 13 January 2013 (UTC)

  • Kitchen -
    • Silver: 32032 ($15), 21560 ($22)
    • Gold: 11704 ($25)

In every shift two orders could not be fulfilled and were unclipped, and one item was too scorched and had to be binned. In the gold star shift even two items were too scorched. --Gunde 19:00, 13 January 2013 (UTC)