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Leatherworking, and

For some reason, leatherwork does not work quite as it says in its help file when you have high levels of

Per the help file, it should use when the item is below a certain condition yet it uses for me roughly 98-99% of the time even when the items are in atrocious condition.

You can tell which skill is used by the messages you receive while leatherworking an item.

I have 300+ levels of so this seems a bit odd. I have noticed and have confirmed with other players that leatherwork is used when you have lower bonuses, especially compared to your needlework bonus.

I don't know if this is helpful but it does seem as if the leatherwork command uses almost exclusively if it is lower than your bonus by a substantial amount. This contradicts what the help file says should happen.

I've also heard from some other players that they get more messages showing that they've used when they leatherwork when their needlework bonus far exceeds their leatherworking bonus but I've not looked into this enough to see if its acting exactly the same as the problem I'm seeing with

- User:Baldarov 21:55, 23 March, 2011