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Cocktail shaker

Ingredients available from the bar during the Cocktail shaker quest:

  • banana liqueur - A sweetly alcoholic liquid, smelling strongly of bananas.
  • bitter - A dark and very smelly liquid. You wouldn't want to use more than a drop at a time.
  • brandy - A sweetly smelling fortified wine, about ten drops.
  • coffee liqueur - This sweet alcoholic drink tastes faintly of Klatchian coffee, but without the risk of knurdness.
  • cointreau - An orange flavoured liqueur, sweet and syrupy, and strongly alcoholic.
  • cream - The cream is white and slightly thicker than milk, it looks wonderful and appetising. You could pour it on something, or perhaps just drink it straight.
  • dark chocolate liqueur - This sweet liquid smells strongly and mouth-wateringly of chocolate, mixed with the unmistakable ting of the highly alcoholic.
  • dry vermouth - A clearish liquid, looking and tasting somewhat like urine.
  • gin - This is about ten drops of a clear, strongly alcoholic liquid with a scent of juniper.
  • grapefruit juice - This is a slightly sour, yet very refreshening drink. It has a yellowish colour.
  • lancre cream - This chocolatey, pale brown cream is smooth and delicioius, and is one of Casanunda's favourite seduction weapons.
  • lemon juice - This slightly milky liquid is one-hundred-percent pure. It makes peoples toes curl the instant a drop touches their lip.
  • melon liqueur - This is about ten drops of a suspiciously bright green liqueur that is made from the finest Honeydew melons grown in the fields that surround Djelibeybi.
  • morporkian sauce - This dark brown thin liquid has a sharp, vinegary tang.
  • sambuca - This is a thick, sweet, clear liquid with an aniseed aroma.
  • sweet vermouth - A blood-red liquid with a rich, fruity scent.
  • tequila - This clear liquid smells strongly of agave and alcohol. Where is the salt, lemon and lime? There is about ten drops.
  • tomato juice - Often used instead of blood in clicks, this thick red drink also has another similariy with blood - it's a hell to get out of clothes.
  • vodka - This is a clear liquid that smells like vodka. There is about ten drops.
  • whiskey - Raw and burning, this stuff burns its way down to your stomach. You can smell the alcohol coming off it.
  • white rum - This is clear liquid with just a hint of vanilla amidst the stench of alcohol. There is about ten drops.

There used to be more you could pour out, but it seems to have been changed.

Combinations[1] that you can make, but that he doesn't ask for[2]:

  • V and T - tomato juice, vodka
  • brandy and orange liqueur - brandy, cointreau
  • dark chocolate liqueur and sambuca - dark chocolate liqueur, sambuca
  • brandy and dark chocolate liqueur - brandy, dark chocolate liqueur
  • tequila and melon liqueur - tequila, melon liqueur
  • whiskey and sweet vermouth - whiskey, sweet vermouth
  • rum and bananana liqueur - rum, bananana liqueur
  • gin n tonic - gin, tonic water (note: tonic water is no longer available)
  • cosmopolitan - vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice, lime juice (note: cranberry juice and lime juice are no longer available)


  1. In other words, if you mix the indicated ingredients together, you get a unique liquid instead of, say, "ten drops of cointreau and ten drops of brandy".
  2. As for the cocktails he asks for, you can just "research" it and he'll tell you what's in it, so those are no mystery.