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Average damage based on many many judges, with calculated averages of 140.047058105469, 139.437942504883, 139.993423461914, 140.822296142578, 140.921676635742, 140.17626953125, 140.757690429688, and 140.833831787109.

Maximum damage based on weapon having "rating" of between 75 and 84 due to judging as very good at bonus of 202 and average damage of 140.

Did you know that you can use the {{infobox weapon}} template to do a lot of the work for the damage calculations?
For example, you can input 'Judge=Very good', 'Bonus=202', 'Chance=86' to get:
{{infobox weapon
 |Judge=Very good

Or, if you wish, you can input the weapon's max, min and average damage settings directly:
{{infobox weapon
 |Judge=Very good

To get the template to do this work, simply specify 'Judge=' instead of 'Judges as='; see Template:Infobox weapon/doc and Template:Judge/doc for more details.
--Chat 14:19, 13 September 2009 (UTC)