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Little Brindisi

Stealing or failing to steal laundry can TM (forgot to log message) and

You feel that you suddenly have a better grasp on getting a better grasp on
things you oughtn't!

Picking an olive seems to need around 15 co.points

pick olive
You're a little too exhausted for that.
     Covert:   13 (118)


     Covert:   16 (118)
> pick olive
As you reach for an olive, your unsubtle attempts are spotted by a little old
black-clad Brindisian lady peeking out from behind a curtain!


  • Things that can be researched:

Genua - The city of Genua is famed around the Disc for the intelligence and sophistication of its citizens. A jewel amongst cities, it has had an unfortunate and unsettling history of late - the course of which has been changed by the intervention of some unexpected guests from the far-flung Ramtops.


Assassins - Since the Ankh-Morpork Assassin branch left during Lilith's reign, in the stability that followed her death there was a hole in Genuan society for contract killers. A group of hitmen broke off from the Coffee Nostra and, calling themselves the 'Mano Rossa' or 'Red Hands', they formed the Guild in Genua.

Their headquarters are in the old mansion that Ella grew up in on Dauphin Street; she gifted it to them to start their fledgling guild since she realised that all good cities need a way of removing unsightly ideas from society.


Voodoo - The swamps of Genua have power... powerful spirits roam the area, spirits that are both capricious and infinitely inscrutable. There exist a number of powerful practitioners of magic who can harness these spirits for their own ends... this practice is called Voodoo, and those who can work it for their own ends are feared and respected. Voodoo is the pre-eminent religion in Genua, although several more traditional deities have found a welcoming home in its cosmopolitan streets.


Tacticus - One of Ankh-Morpork's greatest military heroes, and paradoxically one of the sons the city is most ashamed of. Many put this down to his reign as Duke of Genua during the First Empire. Genua wrote to Ankh-Morpork and asked to be sent one of Ankh-Morpork's generals to take over as king since their own royal lines had died out through interbreeding so intensively that the last king kept trying to breed with himself.

So Tacticus was made into a Duke and bundled off to Genua, where his first act as ruler was to analyse what the city's biggest military threat was, and having identified it he declared war on Ankh-Morpork.

The current royalty of Genua is Ella Saturday, the Duchess of Genua. Past notables include Lady Lilith de Tempscire, and Baron Samedi.