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Drinking while engaged in combat requires some skill to succeed. Which skill(s)?

Theories: Sleight of hand, Fighting defense skills

Method: Mock a player in the arena after they drink in combat. Because dodge and parry were tested, the player used EFF to ensure that they did not attempt any ordinary dodge or parry defends. A control where the player had a floater up and did not drink was also performed for these two skills.


  • grappling - does not hit
  • dodge - hits when the active defence
  • parry - hits when the active defence
  • sleight of hand - can't be mocked

Further testing is needed to see if block is used for block only users, and what is used if a player has neutral response (likely need even bonuses?)

Further testing might be needed to identify the skill used to knock/smash the container. Ideas include: using the pacifist ability to prevent melee and mocking melee attacks, mocking grappling, mocking striking.