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Pteri's fluke TPA (from Kinik)

Pteri experienced an apparent fluke of TPA, cast by Kinik, on 2021-04-07. There was no immediate indications of anything unusual, but after several hours in a six-player, high-level hunting party, it became apparent that something unusual was going on because the TPA had neither (a) expired, as they inevitably do after some time nor (b) ever become visible, despite taking frequent damage.

Capita commented, in response to being asked to investigate if this was a bug - e.g. a TPA somehow 'stuck' in a way it's not supposed to be, and/or somehow damage not being correctly applied to Pteri in combat - that this is most likely a fluke casting (confirming at the very least that flukes are real, not myth… or if they are myth, then even senior Creators have been sucked into believing in them).

Pteri subsequently tested the TPA by soloing the Cabbage Killer, Sheep Saviour, and Superior Sportsman quests with very little difficulty.

Cabbage Killer

Pteri had previously attempted this several times. The cabbages were able to take down even high-level TPAs and Pteri was unable to kill even a single cabbage. With the fluke TPA, Pteri was able to kill each cabbage within a minute or two of combat. The TPA never took enough damage to become visible.

Sheep Saviour

Pteri had previously tried this repeatedly, including with high-level TPAs & CCCs (plus healing tea, bandages, and Cure Light Wounds), and couldn't possibly having completed it given her combat skills. With the fluke TPA it took a little time to kill the wolf - Pteri had a hard time actually landing attacks successfully - but the TPA proved practically impervious and so it was just a matter of time.

Superior Sportsman

Pteri had not previously attempted this one, because even just the 'vanilla' wandering vampires in the Magpyr castle had demonstrated that they could take down a strong TPA in just a few combat rounds. Furthermore, it is reputed to be a very challenging quest due to the combat involved. Vlad & Lacrimosa, plus the 'vanilla' vampires, were unable to even bring the shield to visible. It took Pteri nearly half an hour to take down the Count in combat - again, because Pteri could barely land an attack at all - but she was successful. Note however that the Count was able to knock down the TPA - Pteri had to move to another room every five minutes or so in order to let the TPA buffer drain. This draining process took noticeably (but not dramatically) longer than for a normal, strong TPA - about two minutes, from flickering yellow to invisible again.

Ultimate demise

The TPA was eventually broken by a pair of Genuan city guards that ambushed Pteri while she was meditating, and (due to Pteri being unable to issue any commands or fight back) were able to gradually pummel the shield down to breaking.