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Spell stages


Merging Clover's old research with my own gives the following data:

  • bonus - chance of success
  • 118 and possibly higher - 0
  • 184 - 0.55
  • 192 - 0.65
  • 205 - 0.75
  • 230 - 0.85
  • 0-198 - 0
  • 204 - 0.05
  • 207 - 0.15
  • 215 - 0.25
  • 220 - 0.35
  • 260 - 0.75
  • 277 - 0.85
  • 0-250 - 0
  • 255 - 0.15
  • 264 - 0.25
  • 270 - 0.35
  • 274 - 0.45
  • 284 - 0.55
  • 292 - 0.65


Curve fitting gives:

  • Equation: Y = ln(X - 43.2) - 4.37
  • Error: 2.36%
  • Parameters: cutoff = 122, half-life = 51
  • Equation: Y = ln(X - 141.13) - 4.05
  • Error: 2.25%
  • Parameters: cutoff = 198, half-life = 37
  • Equation: Y = ln(X - 202.44) - 3.85
  • Error: 2.06%
  • Parameters: cutoff = 249, half-life = 30

--Chat 18:10, 8 July 2009 (UTC)


This is the approximate amount of times a freshly deluded item has to get shown to another person who manually accepts the offer in order to get it to an octarine haze:

  • small paper packet ~50
  • rose rhodonite rings ~110

While showing is certainly a quick and effective way to pamper your talisman, you will find that you can alias some of your more commonly used commands to simply locate the item. One such alias is alias score locate <deluded name>; score $*$


Once your item has reached Octarine Haze, no amount of pampering will cause the item to turn faster. It takes a set amount of game time for the item to "Turn", this stage usually takes between 12 and 36 hours of play time. This time seems to be connected to the length of the items description as well as its names. That is not to say that you do not still need to pamper it. If you do not continue to pamper the item it can slip out of the Haze stage after awhile.

Seven-fold oxhide shield took about 23 hours of playtime to turn. I locate-spammed it to haze very soon after the spell was cast. My vague memory seems to say my last floater delude, a custom ks buckler, took significantly longer. Some differences: The ks buckler was great deal much more expensive, about 1 pound lighter and had shorter description (129 characters as opposed to 383 of the oxhide shield). Probably meaningless but the deluded names were about the same length, 15 for ks shield, 13 for oxhide. -Marya

I got two sea serpent fangs deluded at the same time, then I dubbed them almost at the same time (approximately 10 seconds between them). One of them was dubbed with a name that's 14 characters long (including one space) and the other with a name that's 11 characters long (including one space). Then I pampered them by adding "glance at <deluded name>" for each item each time I used my bury alias, basically they had exactly the same amount of pampering, at exactly the same time for the entire pampering process. They turned 10 seconds apart, in the order that they were dubbed. My conclusion: the length of the name makes no difference to how long an item takes to turn once they have been dubbed (as opposed to from when the pampering process begun, because in that case they would have turned at exactly the same time) --PrINTer (talk) 17:14, 14 February 2021 (EST)

I got four different items dubbed at the same time, a peaked cap (the reinforced version), a pair of steel-toed boots, a blackened klatchian steel bevor, and a pair of iron gauntlets. They all had different length deluded names, they have different length descriptions, and different weights (from 2ish to 4ish lbs)... They all received exactly the same amount of pampering at exactly the same time (again using my bury alias), and they all turned within moments of each other, a few seconds apart, in the order that I dubbed them. Obviously they are all armour pieces, and although the different weights are not wildly different, but it seems unlikely that the deluded name, the description, or the weight of the item effects the length of time before an item turns. I'm starting to think that perhaps a a witche's bonus has an impact on the length of the delude... Next experiment will be to delude to identical things by two different witches at the same time... --PrINTer (talk) 06:07, 19 February 2021 (EST)