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While not a direct use, you can TM covert.hiding.person through inhume if you hide before you inhume and the target searches for you after you have inhumed. (Confirmed Friday October 01, 2011 - Mezzo) Sat Oct 1 02:54:58 2011 - covert.hiding.person increased by 1 level to level 60.

You search for a suitable spot and hide.

With your left hand, you quietly draw the hand crossbow from the bandolier.
You palm the rubber hand crossbow bolt from the bandolier.
You quietly load your hand crossbow with the rubber hand crossbow bolt.

You prepare to inhume the extravagant Sung merchant.
You fire your hand crossbow at the extravagant Sung merchant.
The rubber hand crossbow bolt soars through the air and strikes the extravagant Sung merchant cleanly in the throat.
Fortunately for all concerned, that was a rubber weapon.  It bounces off harmlessly.
You feel better at hiding.

The extravagant Sung merchant looks around wildly but finally gives up looking for you.
You breathe a very quiet sigh of relief.