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Time of sunrise and sunset

Just for clarification, sunrise consists of three messages, five minutes apart:

The turnwise sky starts to lighten as the sun peeks over the horizon.
The sun rises further above the turnwise horizon lightening the sky as morning arrives.
The sun rises above the turnwise horizon and greets you for a new day.

And sunset consists of these three messages, also five minutes apart.

The sun starts to set slowly on the widdershins horizon.
The sun sinks further below the widdershins horizon.
The sun disappears from view below the widdershins horizon.

Obviously, "start" is the first message, "middle" is the second one, and "end" is the third.

Strangely, it seems that sometimes not all three messages appear.

The time noted is the time according to an in-game watch.


Start time Middle End time Date Season
 ?  ? 7:34am 7th December Prime spindlewinter
7:24am  ?  ? 18th December Prime spindlewinter
7:18am 7:35am 7:51am 19th December Prime spindlewinter
 ? 7:35am 7:52am 23rd December Prime spindlewinter
7:22am 7:39am 7:55am 25th December Prime spindlewinter
7:32am didn't happen 7:48am 26th December Prime spindlewinter
7:29am 7:45am 8:02am 32 December Prime spindlewinter
7:45am didn't happen 8:19am 10th Ick Prime spindlewinter
7:39am 7:55am 8:12am 11th Ick Prime spindlewinter
 ? 7:17am 7:34am 15th February Secundus spindlewinter
6:53am didn't happen 7:10am 32nd February Secundus secundus spring


Start time Middle End time Date Season
6:31pm 6:48pm 7:05pm 18th December Prime spindlewinter
 ?  ? 6:45pm 25th December Prime spindlewinter
 ? 6:38pm 6:55pm 26th December Prime spindlewinter
6:02pm 6:19pm 6:35pm 13th Ick Prime spindlewinter
7:00pm 7:17pm 7:33pm 4th March Secundus secundus spring