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At some point we should make a page for the game rules. Right now I am just in a hurry to copy down the rules for one of the games. I can't seem to find the helpfile for it on starturtle website to link directly to. Emily (talk) 17:28, 20 October 2019 (EDT)

---ing words game (aka balderdash)

balderdash                  Discworld furniture help                  balderdash

     balderdash - a word game                                                   

     join [game] [as]                                                           
     on <board name>                                                            
     start [new] [game] on <board name>                                         
     start [new] [game] to <points> on <board name>                             
     resign [from] [game] on <board name>                                       
     finish [game] on <board name>                                              
     define <new definition> on <board name>                                    
     accept [word] on <board name>                                              
     definition <word> as <real definition> on <board name>                     
     select <selection> on <board name>                                         

     Balderdash is a simple word game.  A real word and a real definition  
     are chosen by the current player.  The rest of the players then make  
     up a fake definition for the word.  After everyone has a fake         
     definition all the definitions are displayed in a random order and    
     each player then selects one of the definitions.                      
     The game ends when someone reaches 15 points.                         
     When it is your turn to select the word, when you are the current     
     player, you have a choice.  You can accept the randomly chosen word or
     define your own word.  To define your own word use the definition     
     command and use the accept command to accept the current word.  You   
     must accept the word for the next phase to start.                     

Scoring Rules
     You get 1 point for each person that picks your definition.
     You get 2 points if you select the correct definition.
     The current player gets 3 points if no one selects the correct answer.
     The game ends when someone has 15 points.

See also
     connect four, lost cities, battleslugs, reversi, quarto