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  • Standard (single) colour codes work, colours are only visible for people who have 'options output usercolour' set to 'on'
  • The following text does nothing special, e.g. shows up exactly like this: *;:|"'?$\n~@#^%&()></
  • Multiple spaces are not stripped
  • visibility in terrains: only current room (I fired off the spell, watched the first line of stuff happening in the sky, walked one west, waited a while, and came back just in time to see the last line.)



  • misc 187
  • animating 155
  • fire 124
  • binding 183
  • channeling 205

Maximum message length is 2037 characters: (This seems too arbitrary to not depend on bonus)

  • When text is too long, firewrite <text> does nothing
  • firewrite <2038 characters> did nothing
  • firewrite <2037 characters> worked
  • colour codes are counted just as any other characters.

visibility from drum: (Fired off the spell asking people to send me a tell, and Zari was kind enough to walk to the gates)

  • at the Widdershins gate (31 rooms from the drum)
  • Inside the Pishe temple willow tree, on the second branch.
  • Upper broadway near cunning artificers
  • Not visible anymore from Deosil gate

(Talker suggested this depends on bonus)

Rigrig 18:15, 12 April 2011 (UTC)