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Goals: To uncover the relationship between swimming bonus and burden; to uncover where locations fall on the spectrum of difficulty.

As a rough idea to start, please group research by location (be as specific as possible). Information to include: success/failure, bonus, burden %, whether wearing boots/holding items, and any more details you find relevant. Don't worry about the formatting for now but do sign and date your info by using 4 tildes - information might change over time!

Research on witchy buoyancy can be found at the Water Room research page. They seem to have discovered that weight, not burden, is the major factor for their magical buoyancy. If you're swimming expressly for research it might be worthwhile to weigh what you're carrying before heading off and to include that extra information in your entries.

To get a good baseline, I recommend avoiding getting readings from witches or while wearing a swimming aid (such as a swim ring) - both seem to be more bouyant *and* have harder swimming skill checks. Quotid (talk) 02:53, 9 May 2018 (EDT)


Pishe Park

Success: ### bonus, ##% burden, no boots/no held. Northmost room, swimming south. <--- this is an unsigned example you can edit.