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Command information
GP Cost 35
Learnt At 10 crafts.carpentry
Skills Used crafts.carpentry
Items Needed Woodworking shop
Guild Available to all

Repair is a command which allows you to attempt to improve the condition of a wooden or bone item in your inventory.

Command details

The repair command requires 10 levels of crafts.carpentry to learn, and is usually taught by other players. It can also be taught by Jack MacLumber in the Woodcutters' Guild in Bois and by Tony Dorf in Ankh-Morpork.

To tell if an item could be repaired if it's just a little bit damaged and can't even be referred to as damaged, you can do repair cost <item> in a woodworking shop or launder room.

Each repairing attempt usually costs 35 craft GP and requires you to be in a wood workshop.

Each repair attempt will cost some local money, usually not much. This amount can vary between wood workshops, and is influenced by the repairer's skills and the condition of the item / amount of improvement, and other factors.

Your bonus in various crafts.carpentry skills determines your success and how much the condition of the item is improved.

Attempting to repair a severely damaged item with low skills may result in destroying the item.

Skills used

According to the helpfile, normally the skill used is crafts.carpentry.whittling.

When repairing furniture, is used instead.

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