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Remember place
Ritual information
Deities Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon Fish Hat Sek
GP cost 40? 45?
Components holy amulet
Required powers Movement Speech
Learned At 24 (Pishe, Gufnork, Gapp, Sandelfon, Fish and Hat) 20 (Sek) levels
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Miscellaneous
Steps 3
Targets objects
Description Remembers a location to use in other rituals
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help

Remember Place is a priest ritual that prepares an object so that the person who performed the ritual can later perform Divine Hand to get to the room they remembered.


This ritual costs 45 GP, and is performed on a consecrated item. The room you perform it in is the room that will be remembered.

You can perform it on an item that is consecrated to your own deity, or generically consecrated (as most incense is).

It requires the powers of speech and movement.


This ritual uses


Performing messages


You recite the psalm of remembrance.
You chant something holy-sounding to fool the unbelievers.
You indicate your desire to remember your environment, with the help of a pair of sheepskin peasant boots.


You will now remember this place with the aid of the pair of sheepskin peasant boots.

What others see

Priest mutters something softly.
Priest chants in a loud voice.
Priest holds a pair of sheepskin peasant boots out.


You can later perform Divine Hand on the object to get back to the room.

Note that remembers are personal--if you perform this ritual on an object, you're the only one who can use that particular remember.

However, multiple people can perform the ritual on the same item. Each will be able to use it to the place that they, personally, remembered on the item.


To get rid of a remembered place you can scour the object:

scour places from <object>

This gets rid of all places an object is remembering, not just your own, and works even if the item is consecrated to a deity you don't worship and you personally aren't remembering anywhere with the item.


You can perform Far Sight on a remembered item to see the room you remembered on it.

You can also meditate over it to see the names of any rooms you or other people are remembering on the item.

If you perform Find on the item, it will show you which direction the remembered room is.

Finally, while under the effects of See Consecration, the fact that an item is remembering a place will be visible in its short description along with consecration and wards.


This ritual cannot be bestowed as a ward.


In 2016rw, minimum weights of items were reduced from 1/9 of a pound down to decigrams (0.1g).

On Discworld, one pound equals 450 grams. 1/9 pound therefore equals 50 grams.
One of the results of this is that charms now weigh 3 to 10 grams. Meaning you can have sixteen times as many charms as before with the same weight burden.
Charms that are attached to bracelets also do not count towards inventory limits.

At the same time that this weight change was made, the weight of the item that remember place is performed on began to matter Discworld Recent Developments blog: Remembering Places .

Anything over 1/9 of a pound (50 grams) is able to have the ritual performed on it successfully without a skill check.
Anything 50 grams or less will be checked against the performer's bonus.
The lighter the weight, the higher the bonus needs to be.

The following chart may not reflect the current weight to bonus ranges. It is based on a combination of what was posted for consideration on the priests board earlier in the year, and some newer research mostly on charms. Bold numbers represent numbers that were not in the original post or appear to have changed.

Grams fa.ri.mi.ta
bonus minimum
0.1 500
0.2 497
0.5 476
1 447
2 408
3 380
3.25 378
3.5 375
4 360
4.25 355
4.5 350
4.75 345
4.85 343
4.9 342
5 340
8 316
10 300
12 257
18 213
27 165
41 112
50 85

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