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The relationship command lets you set up a relationship with someone else, if they accept it.


relationship <relationship> with <living> and join family 
relationship remove <relationship> with <living> 
relationship <relationship> with <living> 
relationship list 
relationship cleanup 

Allowed Relationships, Alphabetically

  Apprentice, Archnemesis, Aunt, Aunt/uncle, Best-friend, Brother,
  Brother-in-law, Butler, Captive, Captor, Child, Child-in-law, Cousin,
  Daughter, Daughter-in-law, Ex-husband, Ex-spouse, Ex-wife, Father,
  Father-in-law, Fiance, Fiancee, Godchild, Goddaughter, Godfather, Godmother,
  Godparent, Godson, Grandchild, Granddaughter, Grandfather, Grandmother,
  Grandparent, Grandson, Great-grandchild, Great-granddaughter,
  Great-grandfather, Great-grandmother, Great-grandparent, Great-grandson,
  Guardian, Half-brother, Half-sibling, Half-sister, Husband, Lover, Maid,
  Master, Minion, Mistress, Mother, Mother-in-law, Nephew, Niece,
  Niece/nephew, Overlord, Parent, Parent-in-law, Rival, Servant, Sibling,
  Sibling-in-law, Sister, Sister-in-law, Slave, Son, Son-in-law, Spouse,
  Stepbrother, Stepchild, Stepdaughter, Stepfather, Stepmother, Stepparent,
  Stepsibling, Stepsister, Stepson, Tutor, Twin, Uncle, Ward and Wife.

Relationship Pairing

Most relationships have specific pairing. Such as Uncle/Aunt to Nephew/Niece. Here is a table showing how the mud pairs these.

Gender neutral term Female term Male Term Gender neutral term Female term Male Term
Guardian Ward
Parent Mother Father Child Daughter Son
Stepparent Stepmother Stepfather Stepchild Stepdaughter Stepson
Parent-in-law Mother-in-law Father-in-law Child-in-law Daughter-in-law Son-in-law
Grandparent Grandmother Grandfather Grandchild Granddaughter Grandson
Great-grandparent Great-grandmother Great-grandfather Great-grandchild Great-granddaughter Great-grandson
Godparent Godmother Godfather Godchild Goddaughter Godson
Aunt/uncle Aunt Uncle Niece/nephew Niece Nephew
Sibling Sister Brother Sibling Sister Brother
Twin Twin
Half-sibling Half-sister Half-brother Half-sibling Half-sister Half-brother
Stepsibling Stepsister Stepbrother Stepsibling Stepsister Stepbrother
Sibling-in-law Sister-in-law Brother-in-law Sibling-in-law Sister-in-law Brother-in-law
Cousin Cousin
Fiancee Fiance Fiancee Fiance
Spouse Wife Husband Spouse Wife Husband
Ex-spouse Ex-wife Ex-husband Ex-spouse Ex-wife Ex-husband
Lover Lover
Best-friend Best-friend
Tutor Apprentice
Archnemesis Archnemesis
Rival Rival
Captor Captive
Overlord Minion
Mistress Master Slave
Mistress Master Servant Maid Butler


Example 1

Here is what you might see when offered a relationship, including to join a family:

Georgie Fictionwriter offers to setup a relationship of butler with you in the family Fictionwriter.  WARNING!  This will cause you to join the family.

This will setup the relationships of: Georgie Fictionwriter is the butler of you and you are the mistress of Georgie Fictionwriter.
To accept the offer type:
accept relationship from georgie to Fictionwriter as butler
Georgie Fictionwriter offers to setup a relationship of butler with you.

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