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A retrophrenologist is an npc who can permanently change your stats. One service they provide is increasing a stat by one point while decreasing a different stat by one point. This is known as retroing, and can be done multiple times.


If you're not happy with your current stat arrangement, and you have already rearranged (or don't want to yet), you can get a retrophrenologist to permanently move a point from one stat to another. You can't make a stat (permanently) lower than 8 or higher than 23 this way.

Saying "help" gets their attention; after that you may have to say "yes" multiple times. They will ask you which stat you want to decrease and which one you want to increase, then tell you how much it will cost and ask you to confirm.

After you confirm, they'll take your money and perform the operation. This will leave you unconscious for a few minutes and with severe temporary penalties to all of your stats for some time after that. Notably, your lowered strength is likely to cause you to drop anything you aren't wearing (including money), so you should put everything besides the retrophrenologist's fee in worn containers if you don't want to drop it. The stat penalties last a while, although the Restore ritual can fix it. You can be restored before you regain consciousness, so it is worthwhile to contact a Pishite before getting knocked out.


The base cost is &&&&&&&&&&+40000 $100 multiplied by the total number of retrophrenology moves you've made in total - so your first move would be &&&&&&&&&&+40000 $100, the second would be &&&&&&&&&&+80000 $200, the third &&&&&&&&&+120000 $300 etc. - however, there is a premium for making multiple moves in a short space of time.

Whenever you pay for a move, the price for the NEXT move is immediately set to &&&&&&&&+5640000 $14100 multiplied by the total moves you've made... so immediately following your first move, a 2nd move would cost you &&&&&&&&+5640000 $14100. Immediately following your second move, the price of a 3rd move would be &&&&&&&+11280000 $28200... a 4th move would be &&&&&&&+16920000 $42300, then &&&&&&&+22560000 $56400 etc.

However, the price will drop by &&&&&&&&&&+40000 $100 multiplied by the total moves you've made, every real-time roundworld day. So after your very first retro visit, it would take 140 roundworld days (or 20 weeks) for the price to drop by &&&&&&&&&&+40000 $100 a day from &&&&&&&&+5640000 $14100 to the new base price of &&&&&&&&&&+80000 $200. If you then purchased a 2nd move at this price, the cost for a 3rd move would immediately jump to &&&&&&&+11280000 $28200, and would then drop by &&&&&&&&&&+80000 $200 every roundworld day, again taking 140 roundworld days.

In short, if you want the cheapest possible moves, you will need to wait 140 roundworld days between each every move to only ever pay the "base cost", which for a total of 5 moves would cost &&&&&&&&&+600000 $1500 and take 560 days, or 80 weeks to do. But there is nothing other than price stopping you doing all fives moves in the same day - which would cost you &&&&&&&+56440000 $141100.


If you have not rearranged yet, you can go to a retrophrenologist and say "rearrange" to start the process. This lets you change your stats according to your preferences, with some restrictions: a stat may not be less than 8 or greater than 23, and all your stats can add up to at most 65. As you must "say rearrange", pay attention to the language you are using. 60 levels in the retrophrenologist's language seems to be enough.

This is free, but you may only do it once. It's therefore advisable to make sure you know what you're doing first, since your rearrange affects all your skills, your regeneration rates for gp and hp, the amount you can carry, and other things.

Unlike retroing, you will not end up unconscious when you rearrange, nor will you suffer penalties to your stats. It is no longer necessary to go to a retrophrenologist in order to rearrange, and all newbies start with the rearrange command.


  • Zorgo the Retrophrenologist sets up shop in Ankh-Morpork, in the Isle of Gods.
  • Mr Ralph Womblefluff in Ohulan Cutash has his operating room on Long Alley.
  • Ptricka-ptreat's house of retrophrenology is on Ephebe Road in Djelibeybi, near its northeast end.
  • Ral-Fee's Retro-Spa is on Onetwolong Avenue in Bes Pelargic (running along the southern edge of the city on the west side).
  • Vinred's tent in the North-West of the Oasis where Ephebian speakers can get an initial rearrange.

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