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Rabies is an affliction players suffer from if they have been bitten by infected animals.

Catching rabies

Certain terrain creatures can give you rabies if they bite you. Including squirrels.

Mr Muggins, the mascot like raccoon in the Ankh-Morpork Thieves Guild, will give you rabies if he bites you. He likes to bite non-thieves that pet him.


Effects include:

  • Frothing at the mouth and head spinning.
  • The urge to howl at the moon in rabid madness.
  • Losing 2 points of intelligence and losing 2 points of wisdom.
  • Taking about 50-100 HP damage every 50 seconds or so.

Curing rabies

Rabies will go away on its own over time. The time ranges from 2 minutes (Mr Muggins) to 33 minutes (roundworld time).

The Pishe ritual Soothing Rain cures rabies.[1]


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