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The Ramtops map by Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar
Updated Ramtops terrains (See also Quow's map) around the Lancre Kingdom with points of interest
Quow's version of the Ramtops terrains around the Lancre Kingdom with points of interest

The Ramtops

The Ramtops is a large area east of the Sto Plains.

Features of the Ramtops

Not to be missed

  • Mountains
  • Evil trolls
  • Incredibly cold temperatures

Places to be seen

Useful things

  • A vault where you can keep your items, in Ohulan Cutash
  • One of Pishe's pools where you can buy lives, just a bit north of Lancre Town

Places for guilds

Crime and Punishment

Attacking any of the witches who wander around the Ramtops (or getting them to attack you) will make all of them upset with you for a while, and they'll attack you.

Note that Ohulan Cutash has its own, separate system for dealing with criminals.

Towns and villages

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