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Quilting blocks are what you make quilts from. They can be bought or made, and they can be used as they are or decorated before use.


If you want to decorate a quilting block, you can either sew an applique to it or embroider it. This must be done before adding the block to the quilt.

You can also marble blocks. Marbled blocks can be used by themselves, embroidered, appliqued, or cut into appliques.


You can buy ready-made appliques, or you can make them from other quilting blocks - making them requires a pair of sharp scissors, an applique pattern and some skill in crafts.arts.design:

>cut quilting block into shape from applique pattern book
You confidently start to cut your white cotton quilting block.
You finish cutting out the applique and discard the excess material.

Applique adjectives vary widely depending on the applique.

This applique can then be sewn (requiring a threaded quilting needle) to a quilting block:

>applique applique to block with quilting needle
You confidently start to applique your neatly cut diamond applique to your white cotton quilting block.
You finish appliqueing the white cotton quilting block.

This uses the crafts.materials.needlework skill.

You can only attach one applique to a block.

Appliqued blocks have a variety of appearances:

This <applique> sits on a background of <expanded fabric description>.  The applique has been cut from <expanded fabric description> and <adverb> stitched to the block with <colour> thread.
This <applique> has been crafted from <expanded fabric description>.  It is stitched in <colour> thread to a <adjective> background of <expanded fabric description>.
This <short fabric description> quilting block has been decorated with a <applique>.  The applique itself is cut from <expanded fabric description> and is stitched with <colour> thread.
This <short fabric description> quilting block is decorated with a <applique> cut from <expanded fabric description>.  The two are sewn together with <adjective> <colour> stitches.

For the stitching, adverbs include: messily, inexpertly, neatly, expertly. Adjectives include: messy, untidy, tidy, neat, dainty.

For the background, adjectives normally seem to include: dull, plain, uninteresting. But other types of blocks can give other results.

  • decorated block: nice
  • dotted block: attractive
  • checked block: dull, simple
  • striped block: plain, simple, uninteresting
This butterfly applique has been crafted from silver grey silk.  It is stitched in green thread to a nice background of pale purple silk decorated with small broomsticks.


You can also embroider a block with a pattern or with text. A block can have up to one pattern and one piece of text embroidered on it.

Once in a quilt, a block that has been embroidered will look something like this:

This quilting block is made from brass-coloured cotton.  It has been embroidered with a single grey daisy.  "Hello" has been written on the block in messily embroidered characters in grey thread.


You can marble blank blocks with the same process used to marble other items. Blank blocks can be bought, or they can be made from certain undyed items of clothing.

If the block is used without an applique, you can see the full description of the pattern when you look at the block:

This linen quilting block has been inexpertly marbled with a simple pattern of pretty galaxy black and sungold waves.
This linen quilting block has been inexpertly marbled with a simple pattern of galaxy black wavy lines.  "Hello!" has been written on the block in crookedly embroidered characters in red thread.

If the block is appliqued, or cut into an applique, however, the fabric's description is shorter:

This poorly marbled sungold linen quilting block is decorated with a large octagon applique cut from poorly marbled sungold linen.  The two are sewn together with dainty blue stitches.

Making blocks

While they can be bought at several different shops around Discworld, an alternative method of acquiring them is to make them oneself by tearing clothing. This is particularly useful if a player is searching for a specific material.

>tear towel into quilting blocks
You tear the large white towel into six quilting blocks.

Not all items can be made into quilting blocks. The item must not only be wearable, but it must be sufficiently large and of the appropriate material. As an example, socks are not large enough to produce a quilting block; and leather items are not of the correct material. Additionally, the piece of clothing must not be too damaged. Degree of damage appears to determine the number of blocks that can be made.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 

Suitable and unsuitable materials

Not every type of cloth can be torn into quilting blocks. If an item is made of something unsuitable, you get the following message when you try to tear it:

The <item> is not made of a material that would create a suitable quilting block.

You can see what something is made of by appraising it.

The following materials can be used for quilting blocks:

  • Corduroy
  • Cotton
  • Denim
  • Flannel
  • Lace
  • Linen
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Velvet

Clothing made from these materials, however, cannot be torn up for quilting blocks:

  • Broadcloth
  • Calico
  • Charmeuse
  • Cloth
  • Crepe
  • Dwarf-made fibres
  • Felt
  • Fur
  • Gabardine
  • Lame
  • Leather
  • Moleskin
  • Rubber
  • Samite
  • Seersuker
  • Tulle
  • Tweed
  • Unidentifiable material
  • Wool

Clothes for Quilting Blocks

The combined list of clothes that can be torn up into quilting blocks, with colours expanded, can be found at List of quilting block clothes.

The various smaller, editable lists can be found at:

They are works in progress.

List of Non-Quilting Block Clothes (Incomplete)

The following can not be torn into quilting blocks. It should be noted that for some of these items, "tear <item> test" indicates that they can be torn. This may be a bug.

Categories of items:

  • Accessories - armbands, ascots, most bags [carpetbags, handbags, linen, purses, swag], belts, buttonholes, chokers, cravats, cummerbunds, dolls, feather boas, garters, gloves, mittens, sashes, scarves, ties, etc.
  • Chitons, exomises, and himations that are made of wool (randomized).
  • Footwear
  • Headwear, including hats, headbands, head scarves, and masks
  • Most undergarments - bloomers, boxer shorts, corsets, fundoshis, loincloths, red Auriental bra, brassieres, stockings and suspenders, thermal underwear, trunks, undershirts, underwear
  • Many "distressed" garments - creased cotton skirt, creased cotton trousers, frayed trousers, old green cloak, old once-white shirt, old trousers, patched tweed trousers, ripped shirt, torn trousers, worn cotton trousers

There are at least three different messages you get when failing to tear something into quilting blocks, marked in the table as follows:

  • Material - "The <item> is not made of a material that would create a suitable quilting block."
  • Size - "The <item> is too small or damaged to tear into blocks."
  • Other - "The <item> would not make a suitable quilting block."
-Items without a colour when appraised may trigger this message

Some things that appraise as having a small size that logically wouldn't be large enough for a quilting block still give the "would not make a suitable quilting block" message if you attempt to tear them. They may give the "too small or damaged to tear into blocks" message with tear test, though.

Item Reason
<colour> buckled knee breeches size
<Colour> Obi size
<Colour> <material> t-shirt (Brittnee's message tee) other
<Colour> <material> teddy size
<adjective> <colour> robe material (cloth)
<adjective> <colour> turban material (cloth)
"I Love Wood" t-shirt other
Antique tuxedo
Azure gabardine vestment material (gabardine)
Badly-fitting suit trousers other (colour)
Baggy baby nappy other
Baggy white t-shirt material (some unidentifiable material)
Black and midnight bathing suit
Black and white hooped waistcoat
Black check robe
Black lace shawl size
Black lace shawl with spiderweb motif material (wool)
Black lace teddy
Black samite vestment material (samite)
Black silk slip size
Black silk trousers (worn by thieves) other (colour)
Black silk vest other (colour)
Black shirt other
 Black suit trousers These black trousers are about half of a cheap, black suit - a suit that definitely looks like it has seen better days. Considering the abuse this suit has obviously been recently subjected to, its idea of a better day might be anything short of being recycled into sacking cloth.  other (colour)
Black travelling cloak material (wool)
Black tuxedo jacket material (wool)
Black undershirt other
Black wool trousers material (wool)
Black wool trousers with braid side trim
Blood red cloak
Blue travelling cloak material (leather)
Bluebird of happiness bathing suit size
Bright and colourful kimono other (colour)
Bright red cape material (some unidentifiable material)
Brocade dress
Brocade waistcoat
Brown wool skirt material (wool)
Buckled black skirt Material (leather)
Cabbage green alligator skin knickers material (alligator skin)
Cabbage green velvet knickers other
Calico dress
Checked over-robe
Cheerful holiday skirt material (wool)
Chequered plus-fours material (wool)
Chequered sports jacket material (dwarf-made fibres)
Clay stained apron
Clean white linen drawers size
Close-fitting black jacket
Cloth robe
Colourful lace shawl size
Cotton skirt[1]
Cotton teddy other
Cotton trousers[2]
Crimson ball gown material (wool)
Crimson velvet teddy
Dark grey dress tails jacket material (moleskin)
Dark hooded cloak other
Dark lavender uniform material (wool)
Dark over-robe other
Dark skirt other
Deep crimson robe
Deep cobalt robe other (colour)
Deep green cutaway jacket material (wool)
Deep purple hooded bathrobe
Dirty grey robe material (wool)
Dirty striped shirt other
Dusty tights material (some unidentifiable material)
Ebony buckled knee breeches size
Embroidered black velvet cape other
Embroidered canvas backpack material (canvas)
Embroidered country bodice material (wool)
 Embroidered grey chiton The square neck of this simple rectangular garment is bordered with simple geometrical designs inspired by ocean waves, and the same pattern is repeated around the thigh-length hem.  other
Embroidered ivory skirt
Exotic Auriental blouse other (colour)
Extra-large Happi coat other
Fancy ringmaster's trousers other (colour)
Filmy, clinging, billowing harem trousers other
Fisherman's sweater material (wool)
Fitted red coat material (wool)
Fluffy bathing suit material (fur)
Fluffy pink sweater material (wool)
Fouled nightshirt other
Frilly white frock
 Genua Highschool blazer This is a simple grey blazer, worn by students of Genua's public access high-school. It is fine and serviceable, with an outside pocket that has the school crest emblazoned on it. Aside from that, it's fairly nondescript.  material (wool)
Gold-stitched skirt
Golden-yellow wrapped jacket material (wool)
Grass-woven dillybag material (grass)
Green apple Hello Monkey! towel unknown (passes tear test)
Green doublet material (wool)
Green wool shirt
Grey cardigan material (wool)
Grey shawl material
Grey woollen gown material (wool)
Heavy brown cloak material (wool)
Heavy cotton breeches other (colour)
High-collared black jacket
High Lord's robe other (colour)
 Highly practical pair of brown felt trousers Woven from brown wool and thoroughly felted for extra warmth, this highly

practical pair of trousers is designed to fulfil all your "wandering around in the Ramtops" needs (well, all those needs related to keeping you warm below the waist, that is). 

material (wool)
 Hooded thobe A men's hooded thobe with satin trim and raised gold print design. It has golden lace strips down the front of the thobe and on the bodice. The fabric is a quality all weather velveteen. A detachable hood of the same material complements the thobe.  other
Hooded velvet dress other
Hospital gown other
Imposing rose-coloured evening gown other
Incarnadine crepe vestment material (crepe)
Incredibly stupid-looking <thing> costume/suit other
Indigo silk halter size
Indigo silk trousers other
Ivory silk wedding gown with train
Klatchian silver skirt other
Knitted sweater
Lacy blouse other
Lancre green tunic material (wool)
Lancre wedding shawl material (wool)
Large blue overalls material (wool)
Light blue charmeuse skirt material (charmeuse)
Light cotton jacket other
Light cotton trousers
Linen kilt other (colour)
Long dark cloak material (wool)
Mass of grimy rags other
Midnight black cutaway jacket material (wool)
Midnight black silk vest Other
Midnight blue coat
Military cape material (wool)
Monk's habit wool
Mourner's robe other
Mustard yellow fur knickers material (fur)
Black silk vest
N'ai Kee silk trousers
Navy-striped jumper material (wool)
Nearly transparent dress other
Old battered sweater material (wool)
Old brown coat material (wool)
Old gray dress other (colour)
Old shirt other (colour)
Orange and black stripy tailed turban material (tiger-skin and cloth)
Pale blue felt bathrobe
Padded monk's robe armour
Padded woolen kaftan armour
Pale rose chiton
Pawprint bathrobe
Peach lace gloves
Peacock tail material (bamboo and feathers)
Peasant rags other (colour)
Peasant robe other
Peasant trousers other
Plain dress material (cloth)
Plain guttrah other
 Pretty blue jumper Big and snuggly, this knitted jumper looks like a rumpled cloud made out of cornflower petals and candyfloss.  material (wool)
Printer's apron other
Ragged green robe
Raspberry-pink pantaloons material (wool)
Ratty cloak material (wool)
Ratty tweed jacket
Red and gold doublet
Red fur-trimmed bathrobe material (fur)
 Red sash This fine sash of red silk is just the kind a fourth level wizard would wear. 
Red silk sash
Red smock other (colour)
Red sparkly crop top
Richly embroidered trousers other
Rose pink linen drawers size
Rose-embroidered shawl material (some unidentifiable material)
Rough hessian robe material (cloth)
Rough hessian trousers material (hessian)
Rum pink hair bow with veil other
 Saffron yellow chiton A simple square of fine linen, soft and loose, drapes gently around the body, fastening at the shoulders with an array of small silver pins. Traditionally worn with a girdle to gather it in at the waist, the linen falls in soft folds across the wearer's shoulders, and brushes their ankles.  other
Scruffy old bathrobe other
Seersucker jacket other
Seersucker trousers
Sequinned bathing suit other
Set of overalls other (armour)
Shimmering bellydancer's skirt material (tulle)
Short grey robe
Short midnight blue jacket material (wool)
Short shorts other
 Simple linen chiton Soft unbleached linen falls in loose folds around the wearer's torso, sewn at the shoulders and the right side for comfort and security. 
Simple peasant shirt other (colour)
Sober black dress material (some unidentifiable material)
Startlingly red long johns size
Stodgy striped bathing suit size
Stout vest material (wool)
Tacticus Academy blazer material (wool)
Tapestry handbag material (wool)
Tattered rags other
Teddy bear sweater material (wool)
Thin grey-blue robe
Tight fitting white t-shirt other
Tight shorts size
Traditional kilt
Trendy blouse other (colour)
Trendy dress
Trendy shirt other (colour)
Trendy trousers other (colour)
Tweed waistcoat
V-neck shirt other
Vibrant crimson wedding dress material (wool)
 White apron You see a white cloth apron.  armour
White cotton pinafore size
White duck trousers material (wool)
White embroidered bodice size
White linen bag other
White linen tunic other
Woollen petticoat material (wool)
Worn drill other
Yellow t-shirt other


  1. "Creased cotton skirt" when damaged, "tattered cotton skirt" when in poor condition. Perhaps the cres' first attempt of giving clothes condition?
  2. "Creased cotton trousers" when damaged

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