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Not sure if this is the best way, but as i'm new to the wiki and don't want break anything...

I've noticed three quests are missing from this page. They don't show on any wiki searches so i don't think they're just not being included in the 'include from other page' bits. They are:

  • Cart Calculator - In Copperhead (level 2)
  • Foolish Flyer - not sure where this is, need to check the in game quest list (level 4)
  • Uncivil Endjineer - Djinn Outpost (level 5) pretty new?

There are 267 quests on the wiki - easier to count here:

which include the 'duplicates' (4x sentimentalist, 3x distant exhibitionist, 2x matefinder, 2x competent banisher - quests that you can complete from more than one area).

In game quest lists 263 available quests which excludes the duplicates so if you strip out the dups (7) you're at 260 and missing 3 which i believe are the ones above.